Why Use Beard Oil?

Beards have been around as long as humans have. Many styles and trends have shaped the way men wear their facial hair today. Even a popular internet trend, “No-Shave November,” was created as a start to help give awareness to men’s health issues, like anxiety and prostate cancer, as well as a way to promote donating money to a specific charity for men. Guys who participate do not shave for the entire month of November. If you are one of those who now have a beard from this challenge, have been growing one for years, or know someone who might need some tips, read below for information on why use beard oil for maintenance is important.

Why Use Beard Oil for Beard Softening

With more hair comes more care. For some, facial hair can tend to grow on the rougher side. This can cause itchiness and even irritated skin around the face and neck. Softening the beard by using beard oil is a great way to not only make your beard super soft, but prevent irritation from happening as well. Beard oils condition both the hair and the face around the beard, allowing the skin to feel soft too. It is recommended that every person who is growing a beard, whether it has been for years or just starting out,,to apply beard oil at least daily.

Tame Your Beard

Growing a beard may not be work for some, but taming and styling it may be a little tougher job than initially anticipated. Making a beard look shiny, neat, and groomed takes practice and the right tools to keep it healthy. Beard oil is a big help with keeping a beard looking clean, as well as, acting as a styling agent. Applying beard oil will prevent the beard from appearing shaggy, dry, and flaky. This in turn can make it easy to comb or trim, since the hair should be neater.

Enhance Beard Growth

Applying beard oil to your beard can actually promote growth. Some beard oils that contain unrefined jojoba oil or argan oil applied thoroughly on both the beard and the skin underneath helps clear dead skin cells that may have impeded hair growth. By the oil removing unwanted particles, your facial hair is able to grow faster, and your beard is stronger now as well.

Overall, taking care of your beard by using oils can make a noticeable difference on it’s appearance. From softening and conditioning your beard, to taming and growing it, beard oil proves to be a big asset in beard maintenance. Whether it’s a goatee or a long beard, all beards needs a little TLC to not only look great but feel great as well. Applying it once a day can make a big difference not only on the appearance of it, but the health of it as well.