Why Mustard Oil is Great for Skin Tightening!

Have you been looking for an all-natural way to achieve tighter skin?

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag.

We all want to look our best, so it is imperative to find ways to help our skin look its best!

Fortunately, mustard oil is a great, natural way for you to maintain your skins natural beauty!!

What makes mustard oil so great?

Mustard oil is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

It has omega’s 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins, antioxidants, and many other nutrients.

All of these nutrients work together to improve your skin’s texture.

How does mustard oil improve and tighten your skin?

Mustard oil has many ways that it helps improve the appearance of your skin and tighten your skin. Many people use mustard oil for skin tightening. The many benefits include:

• Improving your skins overall health when regularly massaged into your skin by stimulating blood flow.

• Cleansing your skins dead cells and pollutants.

• Improving the elasticity of your skin because the vitamin E stimulates your bodies collagen production.

• Protects your skin from UV rays that will cause premature aging.

• Stimulates sweat glands, helping your body to remove toxins more efficiently.

• Hydrates your skin and locks in moisture because of its fatty acid content.

• Antioxidants and other nutrients reduce fine lines and pigmentation issues.

How do you use mustard oil on your skin?

There are two ways to purchase mustard oil. You can purchase mustard oil as an essential oil, or it can be purchased in a bottle similar to that of olive oil. Depending on the kind you purchase, you will use it differently.

Using mustard oil as an essential oil

If you are using essential oil, you will need to dilute the oil first. It is ideal to use grapeseed oil for this, although sesame oil can be used as well. Sesame oil is also better to use on your face if you have oily skin.

You will mix ¼ cup of your choice of oil with 10 drops of mustard essential oil. You then massage this mixture on any skin you want to use it on. Cover the area with a towel if it is not on your face.

Apply a heating pad on medium heat to the area for twenty minutes, then use a mild astringent on a cotton ball to remove the excess oil. If the oil is on your face, dip a clean towel on hot water and hold it on your face for twenty minutes, then wipe the excess oil off.

Using regular mustard oil

If you purchase regular mustard oil, you can simply apply it to your skin, wait a few minutes, and then remove the excess oil. You also can create a mask for your face using one teaspoon of curd, a few drops of lemon juice, mustard oil, and enough besan or gram flour to make the mixture pasty.

Use this mask for 10-15 minutes three days a week to see great skin tightening results as well as improved pigmentation.

No matter how you use mustard oil, you are sure to see some amazing results as your skin gets tighter and younger looking!