Which Brand of Essential Oils are Safe for Internal Use?

The world of essential oils has been brought to the forefront of the health and medicine field in recent years. They are very popular nowadays as people are using them for natural health benefits. Essential oils cannot be FDA approved because they are not drugs. Some essential oil companies claim that their essential oils can be ingested. However, without FDA approval, it is difficult to be certain of their safety when ingesting. Essential oils are manufactured in different ways. Before you ingest essential oils, it is important to understand how they are manufactured before you determine which brand of essential oils are safe for internal use.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils guarantees that their oils are therapeutic grade which indicates that they are pure and of the highest quality. However it’s hard to control that term, as any company can claim that. Young Living controls the manufacturing of their oils because they have their own farms, plant their own botanical seeds, cultivate the plants, harvest the plants and distill their own essential oils. They adhere to top quality standards every step of the production process. They call this process “Seed to Seal.” Young Living uses the cold pressing method of distilling which helps preserve the potency and integrity of the oils. Young Living has two types of essential oils. The oils they claim are ingestible are the oils in their Vitality line, which have white labels.

doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils were founded by a group of people, some of which used to work at Young Living. They wanted to bring a new standard of essential oils by certifying that their oils met CPTG, or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, standards. However, this is an internal certification and is not industry-wide. They use a low-heat steam distillation or cold extraction process of distillation. doTERRA claims that their essential oils are highly controlled from sourcing to delivering the bottles into consumers hands. They claim that their essential oils are safe for internal use in cooking and baking and also adding to water or other drinks as a dietary supplement.

Isagenix Essence Essential Oils

Isagenix Essence Essential Oils are also claimed to be of the highest quality, third-party tested and backed by a no-compromise to quality promise. Isagenix hired Travis Ogden as their Chief Operating Officer in 2016. He used to be the Chief Executive Officer of Young Living Essential Oils. He brought his knowledge and expertise in the essential oils field to Isagenix and has lead the company in their essential oils endeavors. Isagenix has six single oils and four blends of essential oils. All of the oils but three are listed as safe for ingestion.

Zongle Therapeutics

Zongle Therapeutics essential oils are said to be safe to ingest, as well. They claim that their oils are certified USDA Organic and have no fillers, additives, and are completely undiluted. They claim that they are microbial tested, GMO-free, preservative-free, gluten-free, vegan, and edible.

When considering which brand of essential oils are safe for internal use it is recommended that the consumer do their own research since they are not FDA approved. Consider their plant source, how they are manufactured and processed and any third-party testing that the oils have endured.