When to Use Beard Oil?

Men have been growing their beards for ages. Some men never shave; others shave off their beard periodically for various reasons. Some reasons that men shave are that their beard looks bad, or their skin itches, or they have flaking skin from their beard area.

If you are new to growing your beard, you may not know when you need oil. Some grooming companies would tell you that as soon as you can see your beard, you need to oil it. That is not true, but it is a good way for them to make sales of beard oil. It is important that you know when to use beard oil, so you can be confident, comfortable and well groomed.

How long should I have a beard before oiling it?

We are all individuals. There is no hard and fast rule about when to use beard oil, as it depends on the condition of your beard. It is meant to help lubricate and groom your skin and beard when it becomes long enough that your body cannot keep up with your skin needs. It basically supplements the natural sebum that each follicle produces if your beard gets out of condition.

General guidelines for beginning to use it are based on the texture of your beard. Is the hair in your beard stiff and crunchy feeling? Does the skin in your beard area itch? Have you noticed dandruff-like flakes from your chin? These are signs that you need to be using beard growth oil.

Where does beard oil fit in my grooming regimen?

When you have chosen the product that you want to use, your next question is likely to be when to add it to your grooming routine. You may question if you should oil after a shower, or when you are getting ready for your day. Does using beard oil before bed give better results?

You will get the best results from your it if you apply it when you are freshly showered. When your skin is still warm and your pores are still open you will get the best absorption of your beard lubricant.

How often you will want to use your beard oil will depend on more than one factor. Personal preference should be your strongest way to determine when to use beard oil. In addition, consider your local environment. A very dry climate may mean you want to use a few drops of it up to twice a day. If your beard is very short, very new applications on alternate days may be sufficient.

Men who live in very humid environments, or work in a place where they perspire a lot may choose not to use it every day. Think of it as leave in conditioner for your facial hair. Be sure to treat your mustache as well as your beard, as that skin area is also subject to itchiness and flaking.

Beard oil is a grooming tool that will make you feel good about your beard. It is up to your personal preference when you will use it. Give yourself the benefit of a great looking and great feeling beard.