What Micellar Water Exactly Does to Your Skin

Micellar Water, popularly called cleansing water, is a cleanser that helps in eliminating gunks from your face. One of the fantastic things about this cleanser is that you don’t have to rinse it off. Due to the fantastic effects of Micellar water, we all keep wondering how and what the product does to our skin.

Here are some of the effects of Micellar Water on the Skin:

1. Hydrates Dry Skin

According to a scientific study, it is noted that having harsh surfactants in cleansers will cause barrier damage, tightness, irritation, and even itch. Micellar water, unlike all other cleansers and toners, does not sting because it does not contain drying surfactants or alcohol. Micellar water is very gentle and cool to the skin, and this enables it to keep your sensitive and dry skin hydrated.

2. Works as The First Part Of A Cleansing Routine For Someone With Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, micellar water can also be of importance to you. It can work as the first part of your cleansing routine. If your skin tends to get very oily, you might realize that micellar water will not clean your face the way you want it to. To fully take advantage of micellar water for your oily skin, you should first use a regular cleanser then micellar water to balance your skin before adding creams. The idea is that micellar water will not miss any residue or dirt your cleanser leaves behind, thereby protecting your skin’s PH balance.

3. Removes Make-Ups Perfectly

Micellar is a water-like substance filled with cleansing molecules called micellars which are suspended and dispersed in water. Micella has both water soluble and water insoluble characteristics. One can say the micellars work like magnets and attract dirt and excess oils on your skin. It is the primary reason why they are more effective in removing makeup and cleansing your skin.

4. Makes You Look Glowing

We all want to look glowing and just as mentioned earlier, Micellar water makes your skin hydrated. Hydration is a crucial part of skin care, and regardless of your skin type, micellar water undoubtedly offers your skin hydration. When your skin is more hydrated, the more translucent it looks, and that is in consonance with having glowing skin. The hydration offered
by Micellar water makes your skin look healthier and more beautiful.

5. Works For Acne Treatment

Yes, micellar water also works for acne treatment. When dirt, oil, as well as dead skin cells build up at the skin pore opening, the sebum that acts as the natural skin moisturizer will not be able to leave the pore and this leads to a build up in the sebaceous gland which in turn leads to the development of blackheads or whiteheads.

When this blackhead or whitehead is inflamed, it turns into an annoying pimple. Due to the ability of Micellar water to remove oil, dirt and dead skin cells from your face, it will help reduce the chance of your pores clogged which is usually the main reason for acne formation.