Vicks Vapor Rub For Sunburn

After spending time outside in the sun whether it’s working in your yard or swimming in a pool, you might develop a sunburn.

This is often a painful burn that could sometimes have blisters associated with it if it’s severe.

Fortunately, there are a few different treatments that you can use in order to get relief until the burn heals.

Cool Cloth

One way to use Vicks Vapor Rub for sunburn relief is by putting it on a cloth that is wrapped around ice or an icepack.

Try not to leave the ice on your skin for extended periods of time as this could cause damage or irritation to the skin as well.

The menthol qualities associated with the rub can help relieve the pain that you experience in conjunction with the cold from the ice.

Direct Application

If you want almost immediate relief, then you could apply Vicks Vapor Rub right to the sunburned area of your skin.

This is similar to putting the product on your chest when you have a cold or you have difficulty breathing. If you apply it right to your skin, the relief will usually last for a few hours.

You can then apply the rub again if you’re still in pain.

If there are blisters on your skin, you might want to wait until they have healed or use a cloth to apply the rub so that they won’t burst.


Sometimes, your sunburn will begin to itch as it heals. Vicks Vapor Rub for sunburn relief can be used in this situation.

You want to apply the product before your skin begins peeling as this is usually the time when itching occurs.

An option for using Vicks on a sunburn is to put the container in the refrigerator before it’s used.

This will lower the temperature of the product, and with the menthol properties that the product has, it can deliver a refreshing sensation on your skin as you heal from your sunburn.

Avoid wearing nicer clothing when you apply the rub to your skin as the product could leave a greasy residue behind. They could also get stained.

Another tip to keep in mind would be to try to keep a window open or have some kind of ventilation in the room or your home as the aroma of Vicks Vapor Rub can sometimes be overwhelming.

You should also avoid using the rub on young children as it could irritate their skin since it will likely be needed in large amounts.

You can apply the rub to your skin at night before bed so that you can be as comfortable as possible while you’re sleeping.

However, avoid using an icepack on your skin at night as it could leak or irritate your skin.