Vicks for Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is a skin condition you get to deal with at some point in your lifetime.

What makes acne disgusting is that it unexpectedly appears on your skin, therefore distorting your face’s original appearance.

With so many available skin care treatments, the ones with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties work best.

Vicks for cystic acne has all the attributes mentioned above.

You do not want cystic acne to interrupt your daily life, and that is why you are always on the run seeking a more preferred remedy.

You may have exhausted all skincare shops seeking acne treatment, but have you adequately checked the shelves for Vicks?

The Popularity of Vicks for Cystic Acne

Vicks gained popularity due to its ability to treat acne faster than other skincare remedies.

Fortunately, it is also a DIY treatment you want to try out if some reddish, painful pimples keep popping on your face.

Causes of Cystic Acne

To understand how Vicks treats cystic acne, it is essential also to know what causes the condition.

Cystic acne develops when naturally manufactured skin oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria accumulate in the hair follicle, causing blockage of the pores, thus the development of pimples.

Experts’ Choice

Perhaps the reason why various dermatologists recommend Vicks for cystic acne is due to its cluster of active ingredients.

The medicine is embodied with natural oil proponents meant to cure acne.

Benefits of Using Vicks

The ingredients in this product aid in counteracting hair follicles’ inflammation, hence providing a clear passage of materials out of the skin.

Additionally, the components inhibit the growth of bacteria under the skin while deducing pain as a result of pimple growth.

Primary Ingredients Found in Vicks

The following are primary ingredients found in Vicks for cystic acne.


Camphor is one of the primary ingredients of Vicks.

It has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal abilities, which reveal that it is an essential ingredient for cystic acne treatment.

Besides, it is commonly used to clear clogged sinuses.


Eucalyptus is another essential ingredient found in Vicks.

Although your skin needs some bacteria, excessive production of the same is toxic.

Eucalyptus has an antibacterial ability, which aids in clearing unneeded bacteria commonly found under the skin.

It blends with other ingredients to work effectively.


You must have heard or used remedies that contain menthol.

It is not only an essential anti-inflammatory agent but also a pain deducing ingredient.

Cystic acne wounds are painful, and that is where menthol comes in.

It also can penetrate your skin, making it a vital element for acne treatment.


This ingredient is precisely what you need for soothing your skin. However, it is known to block the pores on your skin, resulting in further skin complications.


If you want to keep your skin clean and healthy, thyme does that. It prevents microbial infection, and its antiseptic property makes it right for acne treatment.

Cedar Leaf Oil

Your skin produces natural oil that sometimes clogs in the hair follicles, thus causing acne. Cedar oil reduces the production of sebum, thereby canceling out any possibility of acne development.


Be sure to use Vicks on an acne wound that has not yet been broken—using it on open wounds results in more clogging in the hair follicles, which can prove toxic.

Parting Shot

If you want to enjoy your days without petty embarrassments, you need a skincare product that treats cystic acne. Using an excellent remedy leaves you to rest assured of healthy and tasty looking skin. Try out Vicks for cystic acne because it is what your skin needs.