Vaseline on Feet

With winter fast approaching, your feet are no longer the center of attention. During sandal season, both men and women usually give their feet a little extra attention, keeping them smooth and silky. But once boot season sets in, pedicures become a thing of the past and your silky feet may start to feel far too dry.

If you’re wondering how to keep your feet silky smooth during the winter, read on to learn how you can make that happen by using Vaseline on feet.

Using Vaseline on Feet

What Are The Causes of Dry Feet?

One of the most common problems that many people deal with are dry feet. There are many reasons as to why this happens. A very common cause of dry feet is that there isn’t enough moisture. Whenever a person’s feet become dry, the skin can begin to crack. To be more precise, putting an overwhelming amount of friction or pressure can cause the skin of your feet to crack.

Here is a small list of the other potential causes:

– Bad weather

– Staying in a hot bath or shower for long periods of time

– Utilizing dry soap

– Walking in high heels

– Refraining from moisturizing your feet

Regardless of the cause, you can easily get rid of the dry, cracked skin by putting Vaseline on feet overnight and best with socks.

Treating Dry Feet

Despite the wonders that Vaseline can do for your feet, it’s important that you consult with a dermatologist first. They’ll give you advice on the best ways to treat your dry, cracked feet. One piece of advice that’ll you’ll almost always receive is not to scrub your feet.

Granted, using a pumice stone or foot file to gently remove any hard skin you may have can help, it’s best if you avoid scrubbing your feet entirely. We say this because scrubbing dry feet skin can end up making the problem worse than it already is.

How to Prevent Dry, Cracked Feet

Although cracked feet are easily preventable, it’s up to you to make it happen. If you don’t take the necessary actions, the dryness in your feet will never go away. However, some people are more vulnerable to having dry feet than others. The best way to avoid having dry feet is prevention.

Regardless, you can easily reduce the risk of cracked feet by wearing softer socks to absorb most of the pressure and wearing the appropriate shoes. In addition, it’s important to boost moisture when the it’s cold outside. Especially during the dead of winter, you need to keep your feet hydrated. Remember to apply Vaseline on feet overnight to further add to the protection and keep your tootsies soft.