Vaseline on Eyelashes

Longer, thicker, and more noticeable eyelashes are something that nearly everyone wants. Eyelashes help to frame the eyes and make them look larger, but some products do not perform as promised. The other concern with any cosmetic use around the eyes is that is could cause discomfort, eye infections, or damage the delicate skin around the eye. A gentle and effective solution happens to be a product that is also incredibly inexpensive and easy to find. The solution is petroleum jelly, known best by the brand name Vaseline.

Know the Benefits of Vaseline on Eyelashes

Petroleum jelly moisturizes and locks in moisture, so it protects the lashes and the skin. Vaseline on eyelashes instantly darkens the lashes, so they automatically seem thicker. Users can wear the product alone for a glossy look or use it as a base for their mascara. It can help to prevent the loss of brittle lashes, so may help to thicken lashes over time. The slickness of the lashes after the addition of Vaseline can help mascara to apply easier and with fewer clumps.

Apply as Wanted

At night, put a dab of petroleum jelly on the pinky finger and dab around the upper and lower eyelid. The layer of Vaseline will condition the skin and the base of the lashes. Most of the jelly will absorb into the skin overnight but wash off any remaining sheen with a warm cloth and face cleanser.

Use a cotton swab or an unused mascara wand to apply Vaseline to the eyelashes. Apply the product from the base to the tip of the upper and lower lashes just like mascara. Curl the eyelashes and leave as is or apply a coat of mascara over the Vaseline.

Remove Each Day

Petroleum jelly has a sticky quality so it can trap dirt against the skin. Remove and reapply the product every day to prevent any breakouts or eye irritation due to hygiene issues. Makeup remover wipes or any cleanser normally used to remove cosmetics will work with Vaseline. A cloth dampened with warm water can help to remove any remaining residue. Remember to clean the lashes and the skin around the eyes gently because scrubbing could cause damage.

Vaseline instantly adds length and thickness to lashes and may darken the lashes enough to make mascara unnecessary. Petroleum jelly can also help eliminate any dry flaky skin around the eyes, and on the eyebrows as well. The use of the product can help to save money since a jar of Vaseline could potentially replace mascara and eye moisturizer. The jelly is also useful for dry, cracked hands and on dry lips. Petroleum jelly can cause breakouts on acne-prone skin. Anyone with acne should use Vaseline cautiously to keep the product on the lashes only.