Vaseline in Nose

You’ve probably seen small jars of what appears to be a greasy substance on store shelves. The substance is often light yellow and can be easily applied to your skin. This product is Vaseline or petroleum jelly. This is a product that is often used to help moisturize your skin or even seal minor cuts and abrasions. It’s also water-proof, which is beneficial when you’re taking a shower or introducing water to the area that has been treated and you don’t have a bandage to use.

Putting Vaseline in Nose

Although putting Vaseline on your skin is quite common, you might not know that Vaseline in nose offers relief in a variety of ways. If you’ve ever had to blow your nose throughout the day due to allergies or a virus, then you know that the skin at the base of your nose can become dry. This can sometimes exacerbate the problems that you have and make you feel worse. Vaseline can be used to decrease the dryness that you experience, making blowing your nose a bit more comfortable.

Blood Vessels

There are several blood vessels located inside your nose. Sometimes, these vessels can become swollen and rupture. This can result in a nosebleed. You could also have a nosebleed due to allergies or sinus issues. If you have frequent nosebleeds, then Vaseline can be used in your nose to keep the nasal passages moist. It can also help to decrease swelling of the blood vessels in your nose, which can also decrease the number of nosebleeds that you have as the vessels won’t rupture as easily if they aren’t swollen.


Sometimes, your nose can become dry because of a change in the weather or because you rub your nose throughout the day. Children sometimes pick their nose, which can result in dryness. You can keep the inside of your nose moist by putting a small amount of Vaseline inside. The consistency of the product can also help in preventing children from picking the inside of their nose, keeping the nasal passages from getting dry or sore.

Common Reasons For Dry Noses

There are s few reasons as to why your nose might become dry aside from a virus or a nosebleed. If you’re dehydrated, then the inside of your nose might not have the moisture that it needs in order for enough of the natural lining to be produced. Try to introduce more water each day to what you drink instead of drinking beverages that have sugar in them. Some medications can make your nose dry. Smoking is another reason why the inside of your nose might stay dry, especially if you smoke heavily during the day.