Vaseline for Stretchmarks

Having stretch marks is a natural occurrence that anyone can experience in their lifetime. If not all, most people have already probably encountered or had one. Just like having dry skin, stretch marks can be a little uncomfortable to have, especially if it is in the visible areas of your body. It can be a reason for having low self-esteem or to lose someone’s confidence.

An interesting product that you’ll surely find in a corner of your home can actually help you if you have stretch marks. Yes, it is Vaseline. You already probably heard many good uses of this product but Vaseline for stretchmarks might be new to your ears.

Benefits of Vaseline for Stretchmarks

Vaseline is usually primarily used in moisturizing dry skin, especially for chapped and dry lips. Vaseline can help with eczema, too by soothing your skin. Mothers are also fond of using Vaseline to treat and prevent skin rashes from using diapers for their babies as well as to soften their baby’s skin.

It is a cheaper option compared to others. Using Vaseline is also convenient since it can be bought almost everywhere. It is a staple product in every home because it has a lot of uses, and can be used from infants, kids to the older people in every house. It is easy to use, too.

Aside from all of that, would you believe that Vaseline can also be used on more skin problems? Aside from moisturizing dry skin, Vaseline can also be used in treating stretch marks if you happen to have them. May it is from losing weight drastically or due to pregnancy, you can definitely use Vaseline for stretch marks.

How to use Vaseline for Stretchmarks

Put a nice amount of Vaseline into your skin with stretch marks and apply it all over the area with the act of massaging it to your skin. That way, you can make sure that the moisture will be locked in and will be absorbed by the area with stretchmarks. 

Using a massaging motion is also beneficial to your skin because it promotes tissue growth for faster recovery of your damaged skin from stretch marks. It also breaks down the collagen which causes the skin to have stretch marks.

It is advisable to do so regularly until you can see the fading of the stretch marks. Vaseline is gentle to the skin so using it regularly won’t harm you or do something bad to your health. You can use it until you are comfortable enough of the result.

Important Reminder

Vaseline is a good product to use because it is cheaper compared to others and it can be bought almost everywhere. It is convenient and easy to use. However, Vaseline might be a product that can help you with skin problems as well as stretchmarks, but if you happen to think that your case is already in need of medical help, it is advisable to seek help from a doctor.

It is also possible that you might experience a certain reaction on your skin so it is also advisable to try a small amount of Vaseline in your stretch marks first before using it regularly. This is an unlikely scenario but it is always better to be safe even if it is a trusted product.