Tongue Piercing

There are two different types of tongue piercings. The first is the midline tongue piercing. This is placed in the middle of the tongue. The second is the side piercing. The placement is either to the left or right of the center. The most popular is the midline. Unfortunately, the veins of the tongue are placed in such a way, some people are not able to get this piercing. Either piercing will heal extremely fast.

What you need to know about tongue Piercing

There are a lot of veins located in the tongue. If a vein is located in the area the piercing is placed, the individual will not be able to proceed. If the individual is unable to stick out their tongue far enough or has a short tongue, they are also unable to get this piercing. If the webbing under the tongue is longer than usual, there will not be a good place for a piercing.

If you have oral health issues, you should reconsider getting this piercing. This is because if the jewelry rubs against receding gum lines or teeth with worn enamel, the result can be damage to your teeth. You should also reconsider if you are worried you may be thought of as promiscuous or what reaction others may have regarding your piercing.

Although it is untrue, there is a stigma that piercing your tongue is only for the performance of sexual acts. This can result in some undesirable attention.

Tongue Piercing Healing Process

The healing period for a tongue piercing is generally between four and six weeks. The shorter time required for healing will make your aftercare a lot easier. Unfortunately, this means even a fully healed and well established piercing can close in just a couple hours if you are not wearing jewelry. If you intend to have your piercing for a long time, you have to wear your jewelry at all times.

You healing process should be very simple. This piercing is usually one of the least painful you can get. This will depend on each individual. Some people do not feel any pain at all. If you have a long tongue, the chances are good you will feel little to no pain. Some people have compared their level of pain to biting their tongue or receiving a flu shot. You should not have any difficulties with the low pain level.

The Recommended Jewelry

In most cases, a sixteen to eighteen millimeter by 1.6-millimeter straight barbell constructed of either surgical stainless steel or titanium will be used for your piercing. The possible allergic reactions to stainless steel will be explained by the piercer. You will need to show you understand by signing a document. The best metal to use is titanium because the chances of causing an allergic reaction are the lowest.

Your tongue should never be pierced using a ring, short bar or any metal other than surgical stainless steel or titanium. You will be able to choose the type and color of your barbell prior to having your piercing. Once your swelling has decreased, you will probably ask your piercer for a shorter barbell.

The Rules for Aftercare

You expose your tongue to bacteria every time you drink, eat or place anything near or in your mouth. This includes your own saliva. In addition to rinsing out your mouth every day, you need to keep anything out of your mouth that does not need to be there. You should rinse your mouth two or three times each day with a mixture of one-quarter teaspoon of non-iodized salt and warm water. The salt will help your body to heal.

Swish the water around your mouth for a few minutes. You can also use a saline product created for piercing aftercare provided the product only contains sodium chloride and sterile water. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol. Both will have a negative impact on your immune system. Avoiding these vices is extremely important for your piercing. The chemicals will increase your risk of getting an infection while hindering your healing process.

You need to stay away from both until your tongue has completely healed. Towards the beginning of your healing process, eat soft foods. Your tongue is going to be sore. This will make it very difficult to eat anything you need to chew. You also need to be careful not to bite into your starter jewelry. This can happen because it is bigger due to the swelling.

You will need to give yourself some time to become accustomed to wearing jewelry in your tongue. Until you do, it is best to stick with soft foods. You will have to abstain from french kissing and oral sex. While your body is healing, all foreign substances need to be kept away from your piercing. This includes your partner. Your healing period is only four to six weeks.

During this time, your lips need to remain closed during any activity including kissing. You should be rinsing out your mouth to remove any lingering bacteria. Keep sea salt mouthwash and your toothbrush with you. Your piercing needs to be cleaned after every meal of any remaining food debris. You can clean your mouth quickly by always having your mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste with you.

If you feel awkward brushing your teeth in a public area, you can rinse quickly after the first couple of days. Before this, you need to clean your mouth completely after every meal just to be safe.

The Tongue Piercing Variations

You may believe all piercings are the same. This is not true because creativity has flourished due to the popularity of this type of piercing. Both vertical and horizontal piercings are placed in the middle of your tongue. They do not penetrate your tongue directly. They enter and exit the top of your tongue either vertically or horizontally.

A straight, small barbell is used to connect the two holes. This provides you with the appearance of a double piercing. The snake eye piercing enters and exits through the tip of your tongue. The piercer will push a straight barbel through the holes. The beads of the barbell on the tip and end of your tongue look a lot like a snakes head right down to the beady eyes. Your tongue piercing will go through the skin web underneath your tongue. This makes it possible to hide your new piercing at times if this is what you want. This is an excellent option if you are living an alternative lifestyle you may need to hide. You should be aware a tongue piercing can change your speech or make it difficult to talk at first. If you are concerned, you should talk to the piercer first.