The Magic of Facelift Tapes and 4 Ways to Use It

We all know the horrors of aging, and that’s mostly because we’ve seen our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and even the neighbors fret over it. Our television screens, magazines, and even online commercials are also adamant on showing females what will happen to their skin once they grow old and if they don’t purchase their products.

The Solutions We Know

Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging eyelids, doubling chins, and wrinkly necks – these are some of the horrors women, and even men, are dreading. We also know the most common solutions for these problems: facial creams, makeup, and the expensive and semi-permanent facelift procedure.

Each of these solutions has their ups and downs.

Facial Creams

Facial creams can be effective if you’ve chosen the right product that matches your skin type. However, they can be quite expensive, and you’ll have to spend for it every month especially if you use them on mornings and nights every day.



Next, we have makeup. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to do their makeup or possess the skills for concealing, contouring, and blending. If you do it every day, you’d also be spending a lot since your materials will only last for months and you’ll need to buy new stocks. Good makeup, those that really contour and conceal, are also very pricey. Other than that, everyday makeup use can also stress your skin and make it grow more line and wrinkles.

Facelift Procedure

Lastly, we got semi-permanent facelift procedures or what is known in the dermatology world as rhytidectomy. The pro about this procedure is that it actually does what its name implies and that is to lift your face. You may also be wondering why we said it’s semi-permanent. That’s because it may get rid of all your lines and wrinkles, but it doesn’t necessarily avoid the signs and processes of skin aging.

Lastly, a facelift procedure will also take a lot from your wallet and bank account.

All in all, our face and our necks drooping and growing lines are unavoidable. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t go back to looking youthful even just for a
day. We’re also not talking solely about makeup.

Face Lift Tape

Of course, it’s the 21st century, and the world of beauty and cosmetic continues to evolve in ways our great grandmothers would never have imagined. One of the trends that we have been introduced to this year is the use of a facelift tape. Yes, it’s precisely like a facelift procedure. Except, it’s non-permanent but absolutely cheaper and safer than a procedure.

How Does It Work?

The concept of facelift tapes is very simple and easy to understand. You merely have to tape up the areas in your face and neck that you want to be lifted. The great thing about facelift tapes is that they’re not shiny and glossy like your usual scotch tape.

It’s also transparent, unlike masking tapes. Due to its matte texture, you can quickly cover it up with makeup so that it blends and matches your skin. Its adhesiveness can also last up to 12 hours, so you don’t have to worry about it peeling off in the middle of your night out.

Furthermore, here are some ways you can use the facelift tape:

1. Eyebrow Lift

Are archless eyebrows your problem? The facelift tape is the answer to your woes. Give yourself that much-needed arch so you can have eyebrows on fleek that are guaranteed to make you look more youthful and much fiercer!

2. Eye Lift

Drooping and sagging eyelids are some of the most common problems of ageing women. It makes you look tired and permanently sleepy. Facelift tapes, however, can help you get rid of those! With lifted eyelids, you’ll look more youthful and fresher!

However, you have to make sure that you don’t pull them too much. Otherwise, the lift is going to look unnatural and you’ll look like you’re shocked all the time.

3. Double Chin Remover

Some people, even those who haven’t reached or are nearing their senior years can have double chins. It can be quite annoying too as it may make your face look rounder and less angular. Facelift tapes, however, can help you temporarily say goodbye to those double chins and get a sharper (albeit temporary) jawline! If you’re fond of watching those Korean beauty transformations, you may also have noticed them peeling off something from their chins and then revealing that actually have a less angular facial structure. That was the magic of a facelift tape.

4. Neck Lift

Imagine getting a facelift (whether it’s surgery or tape) but having your neck look wrinkly, saggy and droopy. Not a good match, is it? In fact, it will highlight the difference between your face and neck. It will also make the lift on your face more obvious and less natural. If you’re aiming for a full lifted look, make sure to use facelift tape on your neck. You can do this by pulling up the skin underneath your ears and then sticking the tape right behind your ears. Use the same foundation you used on your face to cover up the tape to make it less obvious.

The Pros

All in all, the facelift tape is an absolute genius invention. It’s much cheaper than a legit procedure (which doesn’t always turn out great and if it does, it still won’t last forever). It’s also much safer because you won’t be injecting any substances into your skin. More importantly, it doesn’t need any maintenance as you merely have to put it on and blend it with your makeup if you feel like putting it.

The Cons

Aside from the most obvious, which is that it isn’t permanent, it also isn’t suitable for everyday use. Due to it stretching your skin and keeping it that way for a few hours, it can reduce its blood circulation. Pulling your skin every day will also cause it to sag and droop more. Furthermore, you may have to experiment on putting it before you can finally get the facelift look that you want. You will probably pull it off of your skin a
few times and pull it this way and that to get that balance. You may also need another person’s help when you’re putting it on areas of your neck that you can’t see.

You will also need to blend it with your makeup and let your hair down so that it can be hidden from plain sight.

A Makeup Trend Worth Following

Aging and its signs are part and parcel of life and things we can’t avoid. However, there are affordable ways to tone it down instead of expensive creams and procedures. Furthermore, it’s also essential to remember avoiding factors and elements that may cause you stress as this will only cause you to grow more lines and wrinkles and age much faster than you should.

While facelift tapes may have cons, it doesn’t overpower the pros and its useful benefits. It may be temporary, but at least you’re not doing any harm to your skin through harmful chemicals.

Are you now ready to order and experience the magic of facelift tapes?