The Easiest Anti-aging Skin Care Routine


There’s no doubt that skin care is now being given more attention especially online. For many women, it’s no longer just merely washing the face with one product.

Routines can even take up to ten steps, featuring so many products which are no doubt going to be a big dent on the wallet.

While a routine is something that many women religiously follow, others forego it because of the cost and because they don’t have enough time in the morning or the evening. This is rather unfortunate for those women who are determined to try a skin care routine that helps with anti-aging.

Routines, however, do not need to be expensive and overcomplicated. In fact, you can achieve an anti-aging routine in even five simple steps!

1. Wash Your Face

This is the most crucial step you have to follow in your skincare routine. Washing gets rid of all the products you put on during the morning such as makeup. It also gets rid of all the dirt, dust, and other particles that have stuck to your face on your travel to work and home back and forth.

While many of us only clean our faces thoroughly in the evening, it’s also equally as important to wash our faces during the mornings when we wake up. Even when we sleep, our face can still become oily, and dust will settle.

2. Moisturize

Like washing, this step is also a need in the morning and during the night.

3. Sunscreen In The Mornings

It’s good to get your daily dose of sunlight every day. However, too much exposure to its harmful ultraviolet rays can cause your skin to lose moisture, grow freckles, and age much faster. Thus, don’t forget to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher before you head out. Make sure you also place it on parts that are more exposed to the sun such as your face, neck, arms, and legs.

4. Anti-Aging Serums

These formulas are essential as they are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and so much more ingredients that are beneficial to our skin’s health. Other than that, serums also boost skin hydration and help it become plumper. Serums are also responsible for increasing your skin’s collagen production.

More importantly, ensure that your serums are rich in vitamins A, C, and E as these are the nutrients that help in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Lastly, make sure that you don’t rub the serum on your face. Instead, apply it on your face through gentle taps.

5. Eye Cream

The skin surrounding our eyes is much thinner than the rest of our faces. Hence, it’s easily affected by aging and other factors such as stress, lack of moisture, improper diet, and sleep deprivation.

The eyes are also one of the parts of our faces that can easily make someone look older or more stressed. In the morning and before going to bed, apply eye firming creams to keep the skin around your eyes firm and free of dark circles and wrinkles.

Like serums, eye creams should also be applied gently. Many makeup gurus use their ring fingers to gently tap and place the product on the skin around the eyes. Remember, don’t rub as it stretches the skin!

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