The Difference Between Facial Creams


Women can collectively agree on the importance of preparing the skin before putting on makeup. Even with a collection of expensive eyeshadows, lipsticks, and concealers, they wouldn’t work as effectively if the skin on your face wasn’t covered with foundation or cream.

Furthermore, without the proper base, your face would end up being oily and the skin tone may be uneven. Hence, defeating the others’ purposes.

Nowadays, there are a variety of bases for women to use on their faces before they can fully indulge themselves in the power and magic of makeup. Apart from the usual foundation, there are now various creams such as the BB cream, CC cream, and DD cream.

With all these products that seem to be doing the same job, which is to create a base for our makeup, there’s no doubt that we’re confused about the difference between all of them (apart from their shades, of course).

However, makeup enthusiasts and gurus should be aware of what sets them apart from one another and your routine may just improve.

1. Foundation

There’s no doubt that the foundation is the most well-known base for makeup. Foundation also comes in a lot of shades and sometimes, a single shade may not necessarily blend with your skin.

Hence, maybe need to blend two or more to get the one that will fit your skin tone. This is especially true for liquid foundations. Powder foundations are also still on the market and used by a lot of women.

Liquid foundations are best for dry skin as it gives a skin a dewy and hydrated look. They’re also much better at filling in wrinkles and fine lines.

Powder foundations, on the other hand, are best for oily skin. They can also reduce oil buildup and can easily be reapplied.

2. BB Cream

This product began in Asia and have undoubtedly made its way in the international market. BB also stands for “Blemish Bomb”. They work just like foundations and prepare a base for the makeup and cover up blemishes. However, apart from their coverage, they also have SPF for protection from the sun. Other brands could also have anti-oxidants.

Additionally, BB Creams are also lighter than foundations which is why they are great for everyday use.

3. CC Cream

“Color correcting” creams – which is what the CC stands for, are meant for covering up (and also healing) skin redness. They are also much lighter than the BB cream.

4. DD Cream

Not a lot of people are still aware of this new alphabet cream but it has made its way into the cosmetic industry and will no doubt become renowned like its predecessors. DD stands for “dynamic do-all” and they’re a combination of the BB and CC creams’ powers. Other than skin hydration, sun protection, and color correcting, however, DD creams also focus on anti-aging properties.

Foundations and other creams may aim to hide fine lines and wrinkles by filling them in but DD creams will attempt to reduce them.

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