The Difference Between 6 Lipstick Finishes


If there’s one makeup product that’s remained in trend throughout all the years, it’s definitely the lipstick.

However, like all other things, lipstick has also evolved. There are more colors, forms, shapes, and sizes. It’s not only the cylindrical bullet red beeswax that comes up when the container is twisted.

Nowadays, you’ll see liquid lips sticks, lip liner pencils, and a whole range of colors like blue and black! Other than the gradual change of their packaging and appearance, lipstick and other lip products have been formulated to produce different effects and finishes.

If you’re one of those ladies who gets stuck in the lipstick section of the makeup department because you can’t quite figure out the difference between all of them, fear not! We’ve prepared a list for you!

1. Matte

You’re probably aware of this lipstick style as it’s quite the trend since 2016. Matte lipsticks are quite the deviation from the classic shiny lipsticks. They are shine-free and give a very smooth texture. The colors of matte lipsticks are also very pigmented which gives your lips full coverage.

The downside to these, however, is that they’re not highly recommended for ladies prone to dry lips. Matte lipsticks can come in bullet form, liquid, or pencil.

2. Cream

Creamy lipsticks are the go-to for the ladies who want the combined power of matte and glossy lipsticks. They also glide very easily on the lips and can nourish and moisturize. These usually come in the form of bullet or liquid lipsticks.

3. Frosted

Frosted lips give your lips a very icy look – that’s what they are named for, after all. Products with this finish are often layered on top of pigmented colors to give a shimmery look. However, they can make your lips feel a little heavy and will last even after the color you’ve mixed had faded away. Frosted lipsticks are often in liquid form.

4. Gloss

Lip gloss, while not necessarily as pigmented, are more of an enhancement for other lipsticks. They can be layered on top of a color or you can also put it on even without a layer of lipstick. Lip glosses with light colors are also great for the daytime and more casual outfits and events.

5. Stain

Have you ever tried eating a watermelon or cherry popsicle and then getting a flushed look for your lips after? That’s the goal of stain lip products. They are usually gel-like in substance and will last for hours. You can then add a layer of your creamy lipstick to enhance its color. Should your creamy lipstick fade over the day, the colored stain beneath will keep your lips colored.

6. Sheer

If you’re looking for the combination of minimum shine and color but with a mix of moisture, sheer lip products are what you should go for! They’re best for everyday and casual looks and usually come in liquid form. However, there are also bullet types for this lip product.

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