The Best Tips for Oily Skin Sufferers

Oily skin isn’t just reserved for teenagers; many people suffer with it, for years on end. Oily skin even has a clinical name, seborrhoea and it means that your sebaceous glands produce excess oil, therefore making your skin greasier than a normal skin. Having an oilier skin means you are far more likely to experience zits and breakouts.

Even in your 30’s and 40’s you could still experience this type of bad skin. You are not alone; 50 million Americans suffer with regular breakouts and it’s not just reserved for those in the age bracket of 16-24. 15% of adult women have oily skin! With clever skincare managements, you can keep oily skin under control.

Follow these tried and tested tips for a clearer looking, glowing complexion:

1. Always Clean Your Skin.

Even if you’re going to bed very late. Going to sleep with your make-up still on will simply make the problem, worse and that’s because old make-up clogs up pores encouraging blackheads. Dirty skin mixed with your own natural greasiness will definitely give you more zits. Cleanse your skin with the right one for your skin type. As your skin is oily, it can cope with toner too (toner is a mild astringent so dries out skin – ideal for oily complexions).

Toner also closes up pores after cleansing and removes any residue oil, so helps prevent more zits from forming. It’s a good idea to use a gentle face wash too, add this step after cleansing and before toning. Then, use the face wash on its own in the morning to give your skin a deep-cleanse.

2. Don’t Skip Moisturizer.

Lots of people with oily skin skip moisturizer but this isn’t the right thing to do. If you choose a non-greasy moisturizer you won’t worsen the problem. Unfortunately, by skipping moisturizer you won’t give your skin the hydration it needs. Make sure what you use isn’t too thick because that’s what adds too much grease and your chosen cream should be easy for your skin to absorb. You need something extra-gentle and oil-free. The same applies to your night cream, if you think it’s too heavy; just use the light daily moisturizer instead.

3. Eat Healthily.

If you constantly eat high sugar, high fat and greasy food you will encourage your sebaceous glands to produce even more oil. Avoid fries, chips and fried food. Instead, load up on green vegetables and colorful fruit. Not only do these contain anti-oxidants (that keep your skin looking younger and fresher) they make your skin glow with good health.

4. Drink 4 Pints of Water Daily.

Water is your skin’s best friend. Not only does it keep it hydrated and plump, it gets rid of toxins and impurities by pushing waste through your body so it doesn’t clog up your skin. It makes a huge difference to oily skin so be vigilant and drink it throughout the day to clear up your skin.

5. Tie Your Hair Back.

If you have long hair, remember when it’s loose, it touches your face and if your skin is prone to oil then so will your hair. Tie it back to resist temptation to touch it and wash it regularly so it’s clean and oil-free.

6. Wash Your Hands.

Dirty hands transfer dirt to your skin. If you touch your face regularly then you add more grease and oil to your skin. Your hands touch everything, so it’s best to keep them clean and wash them regularly to avoid contamination.