Tea Tree Oil for Beard Growth

Tea tree oil is known for its ability to create soft skin while fighting acne. It is a safe essential oil that can cure various infections.

Although its medicinal properties have been used for decades, tea tree oil can have other benefits such as using tea tree oil for beard growth.

Growing Hair with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has the reputation for encouraging hair growth.

While its use is quickly gaining popularity, this essential oil does not prevent or cure balding.

Though it does work wonders for skin, the top of the scalp will not grow new hair with the help of tea tree oil.

Beards, however, are a different story.

Not all men can grow beards and those that do often aren’t satisfied with the way it looks.

Tea tree oil can help grow a thicker beard in a relatively short time period.

Since it’s frequently used for skin conditioning, face sensitivity is usually not a problem when using tea tree oil for beard growth.

Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil for Beards

The medicinal benefits from using tea tree oil are plenty.

Since it’s generally thought of as a moisturizer, the skin just below the beard is less likely to become red or irritated.

By unclogging hair follicles, the immune system is boosted which makes any sort of bacterial contamination very unlikely.

In addition to the medicinal benefits, the appearance of a beard enhanced or grown with the help of tea tree oil is noticeably different.

The actual texture of the beard is often much softer. While it does feel more delicate, the hair follicle is still strong.

The likelihood of having dandruff is low considering both the texture of the hair as well as the skin conditioning behind it.

Beard hair is often shinier while using tea tree oil.

Because it is a natural cleanser, beard hair has the type of sheen that shampooed hair frequently has after a shower.

Tea tree oil will develop the hair as well as enhance the hair that’s already there.

Tea tree oil is a natural substance.

Many tea tree oils will not have potent man-made chemicals in them.

This is a lightweight solution that can organically help both the skin and hair.

This is not the kind of oil that feels greasy or heavy in texture.

An often over-looked benefit of tea tree oil is its smell.

The scent of tea tree oil is strong, but not overpowering.

There is a distinct scent of cleanliness that, when mixed with beard hair, can smell masculine, but not overwhelming.

Tea tree oil can be worn alone as a type of natural cologne for men who don’t like the smell of alcoholic cologne.

Once it is thoroughly rubbed into the beard, you only need a few drops to smell the scent.

How to Use

There is no “one” way to use tea tree oil for beard growth.

To conserve as much tea tree oil as possible, some men put just one or two drops into a beard shampoo.

Other men will apply a few drops directly to the beard.

Regardless of how it is used, it is recommended that men use the tea tree oil daily for best results.