Sunscreen for Babies with Eczema

Parents often find sunscreen for babies with eczema is the missing piece of an otherwise awesome care plan. Even parents whose babies do not have eczema can omit this critical measure against dry skin, redness and scaliness for them. However, acceptable sunscreens for babies with eczema can join other solutions to keep them moisturized, comforted and calmed.

As a disclaimer, while we do our best to make sure all info is accurate, check with your healthcare provider before attempting any new treatment.

Parents of Children With Eczema

Eczema is a common condition for people with unusually dry skin due to a gene defect that shuts off the body’s sensors to build a protective moisture barrier. The moisture levels can sink so low dry patches, rashes and scaliness lead to scratching, scarring and even infection. When children and babies confront an eczema flareup, it can be hard to manage. Babies’ discomfort will interrupt their sleep and their parents’ rest.

Parents have hope with all the medicinal and holistic ideas within the eczema community of medical professionals and sufferers. Gloves are an excellent starting point for infants and toddlers. Soft fabric turns their instincts to scratch irritating places into a soothing action rather than a painful one.

Gentle soaps and warm baths followed by rich lotions also comfort babies with eczema. Doctors have low-dose steroidal ointments and creams for babies with more severe cases. Humidifiers in areas babies frequent and sleep in provide a plush, hydrated atmosphere to keep their skins moist in winter seasons or dry climates.

Babies and the Sun

Many great parents are unaware of the sun’s general dangers on thin baby skin. The array of family activities and people who want to meet new baby make for bustling times. This is a good flurry, but also a vulnerable one unless parents know babies and children require sun protection.

Babies should always have hats and covered strollers for the sunniest weather and regions. The sun’s UVB rays provide essential vitamin D synthesis but may also produce sunburn and even skin cancer in extraordinary doses. Only use sunscreen designated for babies or children due to the low metal content and leakage potential into the delicate eyes, mouth and nose areas.

Sunscreen for Babies With Eczema

Given the blanket sunscreen needs of all babies, the necessities for babies with eczema can not be overstated. Their parched skin may already be irritated and a sunburn will only make it worse. The extra emollient even the gentlest sunscreens provide will support the protective moisture layer eczema decreases in the body.

The National Eczema Association has compiled a list of the accepted healthiest sunscreen options for babies with eczema. This organization’s seal of acceptance accounts for the higher allergen rates among people with eczema. It also privileges high water contents with less fillers, to maximize the hydrating effects of sunscreen.

Using Sunscreen Wisely and Effectively on Babies

1. For it to be effective, apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. Its needs time to absorb. Give special attention to high-risk areas such as the ears, nose and scalp for babies with low or thin hair.

2. Do not use sunscreen as a general moisturizer. Babies with eczema need a rich or medical-grade lotion used for its symptoms in particular. Keep this for general, daily use to avoid sunscreen for days inside and especially in nights.