Smiley Piercing

The smiley piercing is a lot of fun because unless you smile, it remains your secret. The piercing is placed above your front teeth between your lip and gums. There is a thin skin strip connecting your lip to your gums called the frenulum. You can feel it using your tongue. This is where your piercing will be. It’s also called the lip frenulum piercing. The piercer must look at your frenulum to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

If your frenulum is not thick enough, you will be unable to get this piercing. No reputable piercer will perform this procedure if your frenulum does not have enough strength to support it. If you have any doubts, you can get a second opinion. Even if you find a piercer who is willing to give you this piercing, you will not have a good outcome if your frenulum is too thin. Your frenulum may eventually tear.

The Procedure for a Smiley Piercing

You will most likely be provided with antibacterial rinse for your mouth before your procedure. Your upper lip will be held back while a sterilized needle is used to pierce your frenulum. Just a few seconds are necessary to complete the entire procedure. Your jewelry will be placed in the hole once your procedure is complete. You will then be given instructions for your aftercare.

The amount of pain you will feel is dependent on your tolerance level. A lot of people experience very little discomfort. Even if you are afraid of pain, the chances are good you will not have any difficulties. A smiley piercing is not as painful as many of the others. This is partially because your frenulum is thin. This enables the needle to go through very quickly without much pressure.

The Smiley Piercing Healing Process

This procedure has a shorter recovery period than many other kinds of piercings. You should be healed completely within one to three months. You can enhance your healing process by getting enough sleep and consuming a healthy and balanced diet with a lot of vegetables, fruits, minerals and nutrients. This will provide a nice boost for your immune system.

Cleaning Your Piercing

You need to take care of your piercing for a week or two so it does not become infected. You can use a sea salt mixture to rinse your mouth twice per day. This solution is easy to prepare since the only ingredients necessary are sea salt and warm water. Do not use iodized table salt because it is completely different. Create your mixture using one cup of water and one-quarter teaspoon of salt.

Stir the salt into the water and mix well. Put some in your mouth and swish it around making certain it reaches your piercing. Make certain you have saturated your piercing by holding the mixture in the area for a couple of minutes. Spit it out then completely rinse out your mouth with plain water. If you prefer, you can also use an aftercare spray made for piercings. These are available at local stores.

Your Smiley Piercing Aftercare

Avoid touching your piercing with your fingers whenever possible. You do not want your piercing to become contaminated since this can result in an infection. If you are unable to prevent yourself from touching your piercing, wash your hands with soap and water to prevent the germs from your fingers from leaving bacteria behind. You should also try not to use your tongue to move around your piercing.

Yes, it is extremely tempting to run your tongue over the area. You need to resist this impulse because moving around your piercing a lot will increase the time your body needs to heal. Do not use mouthwash while you are healing. This will burn worse than you can possibly imagine. You need to keep brushing your teeth a minimum of twice per day. Just because you got a piercing does not mean you need to have cavities.

You should avoid using the typical minty toothpaste because it can feel extremely hot on your piercing. Your best option is one of the milder flavors. The children’s section has a lot of great options such as a bubblegum flavor. For the same reason, you should stay away from any spicy or hot foods for a few weeks. If you eat something too hot it can be extremely painful for your piercing.

Oranges and tomatoes are acidic foods that can cause your piercing to sting. You need to avoid these types of foods for a couple of weeks. You will not like the rest of the recommendations but following them is important. After getting your smiley piercing, your mouth will be sore for a while. You should avoid anything that can cause your jewelry to move or be jostled including kissing.

There is already harmful bacteria in your mouth without adding even more from your partner. You can kiss gently with your mouth closed. Until you receive confirmation from your piercer that your frenulum has healed completely, avoid french kissing. Once your mouth is fully healed, you can kiss as much and as often as you like. Kissing before this can also lead to an infection.

If you have to see your physician for an infection, the result will be an unexpected expense in addition to the unnecessary discomfort and pain. You should also avoid both drinking alcohol and smoking for a few weeks. This will slow down the healing process of your body. This means your piercing will require additional time to heal. If you are experiencing pain after your procedure, avoid talking whenever possible.

A good option is using emails or text messages for a few days after getting your piercing. Taking advantage of the digital age you live in will help your piercing heal faster.

The Fantastic Jewelry Styles

The best part of getting a smiley piercing is the way your jewelry flashes every time you smile. In most cases, a captive bead ring will be inserted right after your piercing is completed. This is because this type of hoop style is easy to insert. They are extremely popular for starter jewelry. When you smile, people will be able to see the little bead between your lips.

Once you have completely finished healing, you can add some extra sparkle by selecting a captive bead ring with your choice of gemstones. Another popular option is a seamless ring. This is ideal if the reason you had this piercing was for the subtlety. Your final option is a circular barbell. This type of piercing will really pop when you smile due to the two beads located at the end.