Shiny Skin is In

Few industries are as subject to emerging trends as beauty is. There’s always something new and exciting coming out. Experts are constantly developing new tools and techniques to give you the best application. We are currently experiencing a major boom in beauty, and it can be difficult to figure out which trends are gimmicks and which ones are the real deal. One trend is emerging as the signature look of this era in style: dewy complexions.

There are several benefits to choosing a dewy base product over a matte one. Matte foundations tend to be more obvious on the skin, making it obvious if your shade match isn’t absolutely perfect. Matte products also show signs of wear more quickly. Your skin’s natural oils and movements may cause a matte product to crack and break down. Dewy foundations, on the other hand, remain flexible on the skin. They mimic the look of a fresh, healthy glow, creating a less obvious contrast when applied.

Perhaps most importantly, dewy foundations are incredibly forgiving. It is easy to sheer out this type of product for a customized level of coverage. These days, women don’t want a foundation that covers up every single flaw. They want a product that evens out the complexion and provides an overall blurring effect. Ideally, these products will make women look like better versions of their natural selves.

Natural beauty has reemerged as a hot look among younger women, and there’s no reason more mature women can’t embrace this look as well. The idea behind the trend is that you’re too busy working hard and enjoying your life to commit to a full makeup application process every morning. You need a complexion-booting product that you can smooth on while you run out the door.

Best of all, this is one youth trend that will actually make you look younger too! One of the key characteristics of younger skin is a radiant glow. We all lose that gleam to some degree as we age, but a dewy foundation helps you recapture it.

Glowy base products come in many formats. You could go for a traditional foundation, or you could combine your makeup and skincare with a tinted moisturizer. You can even get advanced nutrients, anti-aging capabilities and sun protection from a BB or CC cream. All of these products are designed to meld with the skin for an effortless everyday look.