Shampoo for Eczema

Trying to find a good shampoo for eczema can be difficult. This is because their skin is in a constant state of damage. In case you didn’t know, eczema is a skin condition that is caused by a defect within a person’s immune system. This condition makes a person’s skin irritated, inflamed and it causes them to have a rash. Eczema creates other major skin problems as well.

There is no cure for this ailment. Still, people can find relieve through various remedies. One way that eczema patients fight this condition is by using the right type of cleaning agents. When it comes to washing their hair, they must use the best shampoo for eczema that won’t further harm their skin.

As a disclaimer, while we do our best to make sure all info is accurate, check with your healthcare provider before attempting any new treatment.

Ingredients are Key to Finding the Right Eczema Shampoo

Ingredients are important to any substance that is used to treat eczema. When a person purchases a shampoo product to treat this condition, they should look for specific ingredients. Items such as selenium sulfide, salicylic acid, coal tar and selenium sulfide are all practical and useful elements for treating eczema.

Eczema sufferers should avoid shampoo products with silicones, fragrances and sulfates. These chemicals cause further damage to an eczema sufferer’s skin. Eczema patients should also avoid regular shampoos because they will have other ingredients that will dry out their skin or cause it to flare up.

Medicated Shampoo for Eczema

Some dermatologists will prescribe medicated shampoos for their eczema patients. These shampoos are specially formulated to treat a person’s scalp who is suffering from this disease. The shampoos are usually fragrance free or they are scented with natural ingredients that will not destroy the skin. Skin doctors will also recommend some over-the-counter products for their patient’s scalp. Some commercial shampoo products are designed to treat eczema sufferers. Baby shampoos are often endorsed for eczema sufferers. A baby shampoo will clean the scalp, but it won’t negatively affect the skin.

Eczema Shampoos Can Help Repair Your Scalp and Hair

When people have eczema on their scalp, the condition typically doesn’t allow hair to grow in the area where it is located. However, once the condition is cleared up, hair will grow in its place. A specially formulated eczema shampoo can be effective for getting rid of eczema problems on the scalp. Again, it won’t necessarily cure this area, but it will clear the skin up enough for hair to regrow. This is another reason why using the best eczema shampoos are important.

Natural Anti-Eczema Solutions and Shampoos

You can utilize natural remedies for treating eczema in your shampoos or with your shampoos. The following natural remedies include Aloe Vera, apple cider vinegar, colloidal oatmeal (make it into a paste or liquid), honey and tea tree oil. You can even take a bleach bath before washing your hair with an eczema shampoo to provide an extra healing benefit.

The bleach bath might sound dangerous, but it is not if you do not ingest the water (not recommended for babies or young kids). The point is that these remedies can boost your eczema shampoo’s healing power. Ultimately, you should test some eczema shampoos to figure out which type works best for your condition.