Save Your Aging Skin

As you age, your skin doesn’t replenish itself as quickly as it once had, so working some new things into your skincare regimen is vital! By doing these things, it can improve the way that your skin looks in no time.

There are many ways that you can do this, but to slow down the aging process there are a few key steps.

A gentle facial cleanser with a low PH level acts as a skin barrier and will help your skin stay hydrated as well as rejuvenated. Since your skin cells stop replenishing themselves so quickly when you start to age, it can lead to dull and uneven skin tones; which is never fun for anyone.

A great way to help your skin along the way is to exfoliate. Be careful when choosing how to exfoliate though. Using beaded exfoliates can cause your skin to tear and sag, so it is suggested that you use a chemical exfoliate. By using a chemical exfoliate your skin will look even and bright!

Use serums that have anti-aging properties and contain ingredients like retinol and vitamin C. These types of ingredients will help plump your skin and increase the elasticity to achieve a healthy glow. When you tap serum into your skin instead of rubbing it in, it helps prevent any further damage by pulling the skin. When your skin matures it also becomes less oily, which means it will dry out a lot quicker.

A big reason for fine lines is when your skin gets dehydrated. Make sure to hydrate your face by applying a good moisturizer to it every time you cleanse. The sun can also increase the aging process, so making sure that you are wearing a sunscreen is imperative. Wearing sunscreen everyday can fight age spots and improve your skin’s texture as a whole. It is also important to keep SPF on your body to protect it from different cancers that harmful UV rays cause.

Also, it is a good idea to change your pillowcases regularly. By doing this you are preventing bacteria build-up on your face which would cause other skin issues. By doing these things you can easily slow the aging process of your skin and make it look beautiful and refreshed.

The earlier you get started on this regimen the better. Fighting fine lines and wrinkles, dull, dry skin is possible as long as you take care of it!