Removing Neck Fat

The vast majority of people are unhappy with their double chin. So, you don’t need to feel alone if you have one. Double chins are completely natural, and they come from excess fat storing itself beneath your chin. This can be caused by a number of different physical traits, but the result is always the same, and it’s harmless. 

However, there are ways to have your double chin removed safely, and those different methods are what we want to talk about here. 

Methods Of Neck Fat Removal

The removal of neck fat typically requires a plastic surgeon’s expertise, and they usually use one of three different methods to make your neck area look a lot better. 


Face-lifts are a common type of plastic surgery, and the risks involved are fairly minor for most people. To perform this type of surgery, surgeons remove excess fat in the lower areas of the face and chin, and they then tighten the skin that starts to sag after that extra fat is removed. This is a more comprehensive method, and it usually requires you to be put to sleep throughout the surgery. It’s also a bit more invasive than other methods. 


Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of fat removal. To perform it, surgeons only require a small slit to be made near the chin. Then, they can easily suck excess fat out of that slit via a surgical tube. This is one of the least invasive surgeries that can be done, and patients don’t have to be put to sleep during it. 


A neck-lift is often used in conjunction with a face-lift, and it has a lot in common with a face-lift. It’s fairly invasive, and it works by simply tightening the skin around a patient’s neck.

Surgeons can also use this type of surgery to tense a patient’s neck muscles. While this is very comprehensive and produces great results, it often requires patients to be put to sleep, and it can cause a patient to experience residual pain for quite a while. 

A Non-Surgical Alternative

All of the surgeries we described will bruise the area that they were performed in, and two of them come with serious risks. Getting a face-lift or neck-lift typically requires general anesthetic to be used, and that can be fatal to people who have pre-existing health problems. 

To avoid the incisions and tubes, there is a non-surgical option available. Deoxyholic acid is a naturally occurring chemical, and it dissolves body fat without the need for dangerous procedures. It’s applied via a series of simple injects, and all of the dissolved fat is retained by the body. 

Deoxyholic acid may seem like the perfect solution for everybody, but it isn’t perfect. The side-effects aren’t dangerous, but they aren’t pleasant to go through, either.  After a treatment, patients will experience a lot of swelling and pain in their neck. The injections themselves are far more painful than other injection-based treatments, too.

It’s also not a one-time thing. While a face-lift or liposuction is done in one session, deoxyholic acid has to be applied several times, and there are usually several weeks in between sessions. 

That means that patients sometimes have to deal with months of swelling and pain before they achieve the results they’re looking for. 

Finally, the treatment only works long-term if patients adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Since fat isn’t manually restructured or removed with this type of neck fat removal, keeping unhealthy diet and exercise habits will result in a double chin returning, and the treatment would have been futile. 

That shouldn’t turn anyone off from getting the treatment, though. It’s a viable option for people who don’t want to go under the knife, and it’s the safest option for people who can’t be put to sleep safely.