Overnight or Sleeping Masks

Like all skincare experts, I’m just as curious as you are to discover the latest, and supposed to be the greatest, in the next skincare phenomenon, and what any of them can do for advancing more youthful and healthy skin.

In delving further into the subject of overnight masks as opposed to the thick and gummy kind, or the thin pastel varieties that sit on the skin for a few minutes, to those that require additional time, I would have to say an overnight mask would be my preference.

The subject of these newer overnight masks has always piqued my curiosity. I want to do more than just acknowledge them as something fairly new and different. I, like you, want to know what they can do for the skin.

Formulation and Benefits

As one who knows the ins and outs of skincare, overnight regimens are always beneficial to just about anyone, and sleeping masks are no exception. They are formulated to penetrate the skin at a deeper level and provide a barrier of protection that lasts through the overnight hours.

I discovered that you don’t need much to get results. Most formulation ingredients consist of antioxidants, fruits, botanical extracts, natural hydrators and collagen, and elastin facilitators. Other ingredients found across the spectrum of sleep mask brands include:

  • pure mineral water
  • super fruit extracts/berry extracts ( prickly pear, goji berry, red raspberry seed, apricot, watermelon)
  • tea extracts
  • kombucha extract
  • shea butter/kokum (hydrators)
  • wild rose oil
  • evening primrose
  • peony root
  • glacial proteins
  • gold powder (brightening power)
  • black truffle extract
  • anti-aging algae extracts
  • red seaweed
  • avocado oil
  • apricot kernel oil
  • peptides (supports collagen production)
  • ceramides (supports collagen production)
  • hyaluronic acid (supports collagen production)

Just a light application after cleansing will stop dirt, debris and contaminants from invading your pores. At the same time, the active ingredients are locked in and allowed to work all night without loss through evaporation. These types of masks are designed to be more potent and bring about calming, brightening and hydrating benefits.

Most importantly, aging skin needs the hydrating benefits of a sleeping mask, particularly for easing wrinkles. The degree of skin hydration lowers with age and sleeping masks are perfect additions to skin that is losing moisture. Whatever your age, a sleeping mask is just generally good for added moisture, especially during colder and dry months.

South Korean Influence

I found that most sleeping masks have a South Korean skincare influence, which is saying a lot as Korean women have serious skin care regimens and have beautiful, flawless skin to show for it. Their skincare regimens are intense and include overnight masks. I’ve also found these masks tend to have different names, depending on the cosmetic brand, such as:

  • leave on mask
  • overnight mask
  • overnight hydrating mask
  • overnight brightening mask
  • glow sleeping mask
  • water sleeping mask
  • hydrogel masks

What Users Report

In consulting with overnight mask users, I found that most appreciate the luxuriousness of the formulations as well as the tiny amount that has to be used to experience the benefits. They also enjoy the way the product lasts, how it’s absorbed as well as the brightening, plumping and firming effects produced. Others say they like how the product reduces redness, fades dark patches, minimizes pores and balances out their skin.

My Thoughts

Well, in my book, overnight masks are here to stay. With their lasting quality, natural ingredients, and the benefits provided to both younger and older skin, these skin care sleeping wonders are keepers.