Olive Oil for Beard

Olive oil is packed with benefits for your entire body but it is one of the best organic elements that can be used to feed facial hair. Olive oil is full of antioxidants and antifungal properties that moisturize facial hair and the skin beneath the beard. Using olive oil for beard has lots of benefits. It doesn’t take much olive oil rubbed into the beard properly on a daily basis to start noticing that those untamed whisky hairs aren’t quite so unruly and if you’ve been experiencing flakes from dry skin forming beneath your beard, it will eliminate the flakes if you rub it in properly.

Using Olive Oil for Beard and Mixing with Other Oils

There are a lot of oils on the market that are excellent for beard growth that can be mixed with olive oil for a compounded conditioning effect such as:

Any oil you use should be mixed with a carrier oil. Olive oil is a carrier oil. When you want a fresh scent to your beard, mix bergamot or cedarwood oil with the olive oil and work it into your beard making sure you run your fingers up from the root to massage your flesh a bit and get an even covering of your entire beard before combing it.

As a Standalone Conditioning Treatment

Olive oil can be applied daily. It will strengthen and feed your beard. If you’ve never oiled your beard, you will notice the improvement in the condition of your beard after the first use.

The Biggest Benefits of Olive Oil:

  • Olive Oil is a phenomenal moisturizer.
  • The natural emollient of olive oil keeps your skin beneath the facial hair moisturized and will destroy any bacteria that may be trying to exist under there while reducing the agitating itchiness.
  • The oil will increase beard growth.
  • The application of olive oil will prevent dandruff.
  • The use of olive oil makes your beard softer because of the emollients and it will be less unruly.

How to Apply Olive Oil

Rubbing Olive Oil into your facial hair isn’t a hard thing to do, but you do have to pay attention to how much you are using. Start small and work up. You will find your balance through trial and error.

Steps for the Application

  • BE CLEAN! Your face and beard need to be clean. If you do this fresh out of the shower your pores will be open and it is a prime time for nutrition.
  • Put the olive oil and any scented oil you want such as rosemary, lavender, or cedar wood.
  • Rub your hands together to warm and mix the oil.
  • Apply oil to your beard, working it in from the root outward, being sure to massage the flesh at the root.
  • You can use a comb to spread the oil throughout the beard.
  • Olive oil can stay on the beard through your not but should be on for a few hours at the very least for efficacy.