Neosporin for Eczema

The management of eczema flares is a combo. You need to make wise decisions and follow a great skincare routine. The focal point should be on achieving a healthy state for your skin and keeping it by avoiding flares. When symptoms pop up, the key is to proactively relieve them. Only products that are formulated specifically for skin that has eczema should be used such as Neosporin for Eczema. Even if you’re not mid-flare you should still keep up with a skincare routine that will maintain the health of your skin. A good daily moisturizer is a key element. If you know what your triggers are, avoid those. Triggers can be irritants such as soap, detergent, or food as well as life stressors.

As a disclaimer, while we do our best to make sure all info is accurate, check with your healthcare provider before attempting any new treatment.

Ways to Keep Eczema Controlled and Using Neosporin

Bathing as a Skincare Measure

If you bathe regularly, this will promote hydration in the skin. It will also loosen up the crust that forms on skin that is inflamed. A warm bath will wash away grime and germs, of course, but it also is a great relaxation technique. You should use a body wash that is free of fragrance and has a proven track record for being gentle on an eczema warrior’s skin so that it will not irritate the flesh and cause a flare-up. Your bath water should be warm. Do not use hot water. Don’t scrub the skin with force, it will only irritate it further. While your skin is still a bit damp you should lather up with a moisturizer, preferably within three minutes. This will seal in the moisture from your bath and promote hydration.

Moisturization as a Skincare Measure

A good moisturizing cream will hydrate the eczema warrior’s skin by battling water loss and promoting water absorption. The best way to ward off flares is by keeping up with a good moisturizing skincare routine every day. Even if there are no symptoms plaguing you, it will decrease the risk of them returning. If you are having a problem with irritating itchiness, use a moisturizer that doesn’t stop at the restoration of moisture. Do a search for a moisturizer that has colloidal oatmeal in. The oats that are ground up finely act as a protector for the skin. The FDA has recognized colloidal oatmeal as safe to use as a skin protectant. It is effective in temporarily protecting and relieving skin irritation resulting from mild eczema.

There are products made by Neosporin for eczema treatment. Neosporin Eczema Essential is moisturizing cream intended for daily use that has colloidal oatmeal in it. The cream has been clinically proven to visibly restore a healthier look and feel to the skin in as little as three days.

Environmental Impact on Eczema


Cool temperatures are best for skin that is afflicted by eczema. When sleeping you should try to keep temperatures cool and avoid sweating. Sweat is a trigger for irritation and itchiness for many eczema warriors. Running a humidifier in your bedroom will help decrease dryness. A common misconception that a humidifier is only needed in the winter but you should use it in the summer as well while sleeping. Your air conditioner’s job is to pull the humid air from your home, so it is dryer during the summer as well.

Clothing and Detergent

Wear clothes that are made of soft and breathable fabric. Cotton is great for eczema warriors. Your laundry soap needs to be mild. Do not use fabric softener or bleach on any of your clothing or linens.