Natural Oils for Stretch Marks – Facts, Pros, and Cons

Natural oils for stretch marks such as argan, bitter almond, lavender, lemon, and patchouli can help prevent and remove stretch marks in women especially during or after pregnancy.

Zebra-like scars are part of most people’s lives. It is especially for women who have given birth. There are some lucky ones who have managed to avoid these lines. How does it happen? Are you one of those who are wondering how it is even possible?

We are not able to predict where stretch marks will appear. The scars can be found anywhere on the body and it is prone in areas that gains weight in a sudden such as the belly, breasts, abdomen, and many more areas.

Humans with stretch marks surely gained so much insecurity about themselves, which no one deserves. But you don’t need to worry. Many remedies are on your way.

Use Natural Oils for Stretch Marks

lemon oil

Have you ever thought about natural oils as a cure for stretch marks? If you desire to remove stretch marks via natural way and show off an entirely renewed and radiant skin, opt for natural oils. It can be crucial to pick which one is right among lots of natural oil options.

Now, you need to know the best natural oils for stretch marks by checking the internet or by seeking expert advice. It would be better to familiarize how natural oil works in particular. Examples of natural oil are coconut oil, grapeseed oil, calendula oil, almond oil, and other essential oils.

The best natural oils will be in effect after a long time of adding it to your massage routine. Best results happen when you have a healthy diet while doing the treatment.

Types of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear differently. They go in unalike directions such as diagonal, vertical, and horizontal, with different depths. Its appearance varies on each person. That is what makes stretch marks surprising, yet disturbing too.

The success of using natural oils to reduce stretch marks dramatically depends on the sideline diets you have. It can also depend on the absorbency level of your skin. Its effectiveness can upgrade by adding creams on the procedure. You can also ask those people who have tried natural oils in healing stretch marks to assess how good it is and choose from many natural oils available.

Positives and Negatives Sides Of Natural Oils for Stretch Marks

Who would have thought a natural remedy has terrible things to offer? Let’s see the good and the bad aspects of natural oils as a solution for stretch marks!


  • There are lots of options offered.
  • Natural oils help to rejuvenate skin despite the present condition.
  • It promotes collagen production and skin elasticity.


  • It will not take into effect without following a healthy diet.
  • The pricing varies according to oil rarity.
  • It can irritate the skin, so consult an expert before using natural oils.

To Massage or Not To Massage

Choosing which natural oil to use depends on your preference. Make sure to pick proven safe natural oils to avoid further skin damage.

Do not underestimate the ability of natural remedies as such to heal stretch marks. Have knowledge on which one is the product right to apply on those white or greyish lines to get your desired results. It may not completely remove the scars, but at least natural oils help to reduce it.

Natural oils for stretch marks hold holds a wide range of benefits to reduce the appearance of those lines.