Natural Hair Care Products for Toddlers

As parents, only the best will do for our little ones. Part of that responsibility is making sure we use natural products in order to avoid harsh chemicals on our child’s skin, and that includes during bath time. It is important to do research before selecting a product because while there are plenty of natural car products for adults, natural hair care products for toddlers are just beginning to hit the market.

What are the Best Natural Hair Care Products for Toddlers?

The availability of products to use for your toddler can become overwhelming, but with some careful research you can find the perfect natural hair care products for toddlers that suits your household’s needs.

Natural Shampoo and Conditioner for Toddlers

Shea Moisture offers products that are not only natural hair care products for toddlers but smell heavenly. Their Carrot Shampoo and Conditioner Set offers fragrances of mango and carrot with sulfate and paraben-free suds. It also includes organic ingredients to help manage your toddler’s hair. They also offer a nighttime shampoo with lavender, perfect for soothing your little one to sleep. The Honest Company offers a variety of natural shampoos and conditioners, including an orange vanilla, lavender and almond to keep your baby smelling sweet and fresh while cleaning their precious hair without harsh chemicals.

Natural Hair Care Tools for Toddlers

The Thirsty Roots hair come detangles those pesky knots and combs through hair while providing an all-natural tool that is eco-friendly, made of 100 percent green sandalwood. The product helps stimulate blood circulation of the scalp, which distributes oils throughout your toddler’s hair.

All Natural Lice Shampoo

If you’re a parent of only a toddler, chances are the thought of lice makes your skin crawl, but as your child ages, you’ll realize lice is a very real threat in today’s school system. If your little one has older siblings in the house, you will need a good product to repel those pesky nits. Lice shampoos can be filled with chemicals, but there are natural hair care products for toddlers available on the market. Fairy Tales offers a full line of products focused on helping keep lice away, with shampoos and sprays made of all-natural products such as rosemary and tea tree essential oils.


Toddler hair, and especially curly toddler hair, can be a pain in the rear for both parents and toddlers. Young ones tend to fret when it comes time to comb those tangles out, and many times a detangler becomes a household necessity to save parents the struggle and toddlers the pain. Curl Again Kidz is here to help with a moisturizing hair detangler. The product is natural and gentle while providing hydration and softness to the hair.

Summer Shampoo

Kid’s hair takes a beating in the summer after long afternoons spent in the sunshine and splashing around in the water. If those pools have chlorine, you may notice a green tint to your child’s hair by the end of the summer. Selecting a gentle shampoo like Mixed Chicks Kid’s Shampoo that is sulfate free and dye free will ease some of the beating your toddler’s hair will take during the warm summer months. This line of hair care is aimed at providing products easy on the scalp.