Microneedling for Stretch Marks – Benefits and Risks

The microneedling for stretch marks AKA collagen induction therapy is an invasive treatment to rejuvenate skin and get rid of stretch marks. Stretch marks are irregular bands of tissue that often develop during events like pregnancy or extreme weight fluctuations. They are a type of scar tissue that does not present a health hazard. However, the presence of stretch marks may represent a purely cosmetic concern that sends you looking for your treatment options. Many people have found that microneedling for stretch marks greatly minimizes, or even removes, stretch marks. But before considering any type of treatment, you will probably have some questions that you would like to be answered first so that you can make an informed decision.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is an innovative skin rejuvenation treatment that has helped many people dealing with skin conditions like stretch marks. It involves the induction of tiny skin injuries that trigger the formation of new skin tissue. It is a safe, comfortable, and effective procedure that requires no downtime.

How does The microneedling for stretch marks work?

Microneedling works on the principle that delivering controlled skin injuries leads to a boost in collagen production to minimize many common skin imperfections. Your results will build very naturally in the following weeks and months after your microneedling session.

Who makes a good candidate for microneedling for stretch marks?

Almost anyone makes a good candidate for the treatment, provided that their skin is free from infection or active breakouts. If this is the case, you will need to resolve these conditions prior to your microneedling treatment.

How the microneedling for stretch marks superior to other techniques?

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Microneedling for stretch marks does not involve drastic changes to your facial contours or skin. We are only triggering the innate healing abilities of your own body, which will gradually and naturally remodel your skin and improve your stretch marks in the weeks and months after your treatment.

Since no wholesale skin destruction is necessary, microneedling allows you to resume work or daily activities immediately after your treatment.

What should I expect at my appointment?

Your skin will need to be cleansed prior to your microneedling treatment. We will first numb your skin using a topical anesthetic. After your skin has become completely numb, we begin using a special device coated in tiny, sterile needles to produce thousands of microscopic punctures in the surface layers of your skin. This will trigger the formation of new collagen that builds over the next few weeks and months after your treatment to reduce your stretch marks.

Can I combine this treatment with the application of topical skin care products?

Topical skincare products should be fine to apply after your microneedling treatment. In fact, most topicals work much better after a microneedling session, since they are able to take advantage of the microscopic channels created by the technique. This allows them to bypass the skin’s outer barrier and achieve far greater skin penetration.

Your Consultation

To determine if you would make a good candidate for this treatment, we encourage you to reach out to us today to book your initial microneedling stretch marks consultation.