Medusa Piercing

The medusa piercing has become extremely popular for both men and women. The effect is absolutely striking, especially if you wear it with unique and bold jewelry. The piercing is centrally placed above your upper lip and beneath your nose’s septum. This piercing is often referred to as a philtrum piercing. In most cases, a labret stud is used for the piercing. There are three different sections to the stud. These are:

The Barbell: This is the lengthy middle section connecting the disk at the back to the bead in front.

The Bead: This is what you will see on your skin. There are hundreds of gorgeous colors and styles available.

The Disk: This is the part of your stud used to attach the barbell. This keeps your stud in place and prevents the barbell and bead from falling out.

The Placement of Medusa Piercing

A medusa piercing may look simple, but it must be centered perfectly in your philtrum area. If your piercing deviates even slightly down, up or to the right or left, it will not appear symmetrical. When you arrive to have your piercing, the piercer will use an antibacterial substance to clean your skin. You will most likely rinse out your mouth with an antiseptic oral solution prior to receiving your piercing.

The exact point of entry for the needle will be marked using a pen. This is where you will eventually wear your jewelry. Your upper lip will generally be held using a clamp. A sharp, thin and hollow needle is used from the inside out. Your piercer will take great care to make certain the needle penetrates the area marked on your skin. A special instrument is then used to set your jewelry in place through the hole.

You will need to wear the barbell placed at this time until you have completed the healing process.

Healing from Your Medusa Piercing Procedure

You will feel a few seconds of pain during the procedure. This should not be not any more painful than any other facial or lip piercing you have had. Any pain you feel should disappear quickly as soon as the area has been completely penetrated by the needle. Due to the differences in the way people experience pain, you may not feel any pain during your procedure.

This is the reason it is so important to disregard what you are told about the pain of this piercing. No two people will have the exact same experience. You may have some minor discomfort or pain after your piercing. If this happens, it is no reason for concern. As your body begins to heal, any discomfort will fade away naturally. There may also be a little localized tenderness, swelling or bruising.

You body will perceive your piercing as a skin wound. Any bruising is simply your body reacting to the perceived trauma to your skin. This is normal and you do not have to be worried. You may also see a little bleeding either during or after your piercing. This is also considered completely normal. If you do experience any bleeding, it should stop fairly quickly. This should not require more than a couple of days at the most.

Your healing process will depend on your immune system, the size of your lips and how well you care for your new piercing while you are healing. Your body can require anywhere from six to twelve weeks to heal completely. You need to understand that although the outside of your piercing will heal fairly quickly, the inside will require a longer period of time.

Following the correct practices after your piercing for six weeks is recommended. You can talk to your piercer when you believe you no longer need to use any aftercare practices. You should listen to the advice or recommendations your piercer gives you at this time.

The Rules for Aftercare

Your aftercare is not too different from taking care of a regular piercing. The main difference is where it is located on your mouth. This will require you to take a few additional precautions while you are healing. This includes making certain your initial jewelry is big enough to compensate for any swelling while you are healing. If your jewelry is not large enough, it may press on your piercing.

This can cause issues such as your jewelry becoming embedded within your skin, limiting your flow of blood or increasing your infection risk. Your initial jewelry should also be of high quality. This is especially true if your skin is sensitive. Lower quality metal can slow down your healing and cause skin irritations. You should also follow the tips below.

• Avoid touching your jewelry unless absolutely necessary. You can irritate your skin by twisting or tugging on your jewelry.

• Be careful while you are eating. You will need time to become used to your medusa piercing. You do not want to bite down hard on your jewelry and risk damaging a tooth.

• Clean and disinfect your jewelry on a regular basis. There are disinfectant products you can use that will not irritate your skin. Make certain your hands are clean before you disinfect the area. You should use a fresh paper towel.

• Avoid cigarettes and alcohol. The harmful chemicals in cigarettes may cause an adverse effect while your body is healing. The functionality of your immune system can be decreased by alcohol.

• Your piercing needs to be kept dry. Do not take a bath. Try to prevent your piercing from becoming wet when you shower. If your piercing does become wet, you can pat it dry gently using a paper towel.

• Brush your teeth on a regular basis while being careful near your piercing. Oral hygiene is especially important at this time because it will help keep harmful bacteria away from the area.

• All foreign objects should be kept clear of your piercing. This includes chapstick, petroleum, scarves and anything else you can think of that can be worn near the area. Use a clean t-shirt to cover your pillow every night to protect your piercing from bacteria.

The Variations

Body jewelry is sensational because it enables you to show your unique personality. This is the reason there are so many variations available. One of your options is a double medusa piercing. This is when you have two vertical punctures below your septum. This style is sensational when you stack two dainty studs one on top of the other.

You will need two piercings to take advantage of this style. The recommendation is getting them individually to make it easier for your body to heal. Your piercing will also go well with a nostril or septum piercing due to the close proximity.