Marijuana Essential Oil

Modern times have seen the rise of many new forms of alternative medicine and home remedies. Many claim they have discovered the miracle cure for some illness or an herbal supplement that will make you feel 10 years younger. With so many options available it may be difficult to understand what exactly is out there and what is and isn’t legitimate or particularly effective. One of the latest arrivals on this market is cannabis or marijuana essential oil. With many promoting it as something with an array of health benefits, it may be worth keeping an eye on.

So What Exactly Is It?

 Though this substance may go by many names, it is a very simple and natural oil made by distilling the higher leaves and flowers of a female cannabis plant. The chemicals that are extracted this way are non-toxic and contain very small trace amounts of cannabinoids such as THC or CBD. This means there are virtually no psychoactive ingredients in marijuana essential oil. If you know anything about essential oils, you may have heard of the prominent active ingredients in this latest iteration: myrcene and caryophyllene. These two naturally occurring compounds are present in other plants like hops or rosemary and contain already proven medical benefits.

The Benefits of Marijuana Essential Oil

 By its nature, Marijuana Essential Oil is typically loaded into a diffuser and dispersed throughout the air in your home or diluted into water and applied to the skin. While more research could certainly be done, based on the studies we have available now there certainly seems to be significant medical potential. There are many benefits associated with its use, the most credible of which seem to be:

1. Skin Health

A very exciting use comes in the form of skin care. What makes this such an exciting application is that you can experiment with creating your very own solution that works best for you, or share with your friends! Depending on what seems to be bothering your skin you may want to throw this or that in the mix, however its primary effectiveness is for inflamed or dry skin.

2. Pain Relief

Possibly its most common use, the active ingredients in cannabis essential oil have anti-inflammatory properties. Most common aches and pains are due to muscular or other inflammations with a very simple solution. One of the easiest fixes would be the application of this oil to the affected area.

3. Mental Wellness

In addition to its more physical benefits, marijuana essential oil has been cited by many as an effective way to reduce their overall stress levels. Rising levels of distress and anxieties are a large concern and there are far riskier options available to you. If you are someone who has had difficulty finding relief, you don’t have much to lose giving this a try.

While the specifics of cannabis oil’s role in healthcare is still a bit up in the air, there does seem to be something to this new trend. If you do decide to give it a try, you will become a part of the growing community all learning of its benefits together.