Jojoba Oil for Lips

Have you ever had really dry, chapped lips? I have found the secret to wonderful soft lips. Jojoba oil! This is my little miracle cure for this problem that has bothered me all of my life. I have tried just about everything on both prescription and non-prescription levels but nothing worked until now. My recipe includes jojoba oil, a few extra ingredients that you might not have in your cupboard and some wonderful lip balm that I found at my local health food store.

Jojoba Oil

I use the organic cold pressed jojoba oil from doTERRA  that can be purchased on Amazon by clicking on this image:

The jojoba oil would normally come in a dark top glass bottle with a dropper. I do not use this because to me it is too thick and sticky, so I pour some into another bottle to save for later use.

Extra Ingredients

to make the final product more healing for cracked lips. These ingredients are optional but if you want your lips to be able to stand out in the coldest winter, not feel chapped or have that sandpapery feeling then you should try using these extra ingredients.

Beeswax pastilles

the beeswax pastilles are used to thicken the recipe so it is more solid and sticks better on your lips. Some people use wax, but I do not like the idea of putting wax on my lips because it is stiff and will crack your lips even more. If you use beeswax then make sure that they are organic pastilles because the non-organic ones are full of pesticides.

Menthol crystals

these crystals give a cooling effect to the product which feels very nice on dry chapped lips. It also has a slight numbing effect so if you have pain from your cracked lips, the menthol will help take that away for a little bit giving you relief.


I like to add 1/4 tsp of flavor (vanilla, peppermint and lemon) to 1 tbsp of jojoba oil. I add this to the jojoba oil and stir it up so that the flavor blends well with it all. You can also use a different kind of oil, such as coconut or olive to get a different taste if you like.

For 1 oz of jojoba oil I added:

– 2 tbsp of beeswax pastilles

  – 1 tsp of menthol crystals

– 1/4 tsp of vanilla flavor

*If you have a different taste in mind, then add whatever oil or flavor you like to this recipe. You can make a big batch and put a few drops in a lip balm container later. I do not use essential oils because it is not strong enough for me so I use flavors instead.

Lip balm container

I have seen these lip balms at my local Wholefoods, but you can purchase them online by clicking here . They are reusable and last quite a while. If you want to make your own or do not like this product then try using any glass jar that you like to store your homemade lip balm in.

Now that all of the ingredients are prepared, it is time to make the lip balm!

Take a pot and place it on your stove top. Pour 2 tbsp of jojoba oil into the pot with the beeswax pastilles and menthol crystals . Put on medium heat and stir until the crystals are completely melted. Take off of the stove and let it cool down a bit before adding your flavor, stirring well. After this is done, pour the mixture into your glass jar or lip balm container . Let it set for about 30 minutes. The final product should be solid but still not too hard to spread on your lips.

And voila! You’re done. Apply to your lips as often as needed and enjoy your new healthy, moisturized lips!