Is Beard Oil Necessary?

More men are growing their facial hair, and with this popularity, comes new things, like beard oil. You are going to find out all about this type of oil and our answer to the question, “Is beard oil necessary?”

What is Beard Oil?

You may be wondering, is beard oil necessary? Well, you need to know what this oil is to understand how it can be helpful.

You probably know it is an oil, but what you don’t know is what it is made of and its purpose. The oil usually contains jojoba oil and grapeseed oil and other moisturizing oils.

The oil is meant to be absorbed into the beard and the skin under your beard, making it softer than ever before. No one wants to have tough, sharp hairs that don’t feel good to the touch, which is not something you nor your significant other is going to appreciate.

Once you use the oil long enough, the hair will feel soft, and it should become easier to style and look shiny. The likelihood of flakes developing should be reduced dramatically.

When to Apply?

Now, most likely there are some instructions on the beard oil you choose. Most of the time, what you have to do is make sure your beard and skin is as clean as possible. Normally, this means you are going to be putting on this oil after you shower or after you do your routine cleansing.

It is important that you do your best to use hot water, or ensure the room is steamy to open up your pores. Heat also helps make your hair follicles a little more receptive.

What you are going to do afterwards is gently rub the oil over your beard, making sure you dig deep inside your beard. It may also be a good idea to rub a little oil over the skin regions where your beard grows, even if you tend to shave it all off.

Make sure you use only a few drops of oil per rub. You might be tempted to use more than that, but a small amount should be find for your beard and skin. It may be okay to miss a day or two during the spring when there is a lot of moisture in the air, but make sure not to skip moisturizing during dry seasons or in the winter.

Massage the oil gently, and make sure you do it in circular motions until you feel like your skin and beard have absorbed it. Those with longer beards are probably going to have to use a beard comb to make sure the oil coats every strand of your beard hair.

Remember that each beard oil comes with a specific scent, and it can actually replace cologne. If you are going to start using beard oils, make sure you stop using regular cologne, or the scents might collide.

Try to be patient because sometimes the results can take some time, but your patience will likely be rewarded. Hopefully, when considering is beard oil necessary you see why many people are choosing this oil to bring new life to their beards. The oil makes facial hair look spectacular.