Immunity Blend Essential Oil Recipe

Many individuals look for ways to boost their immune system during the colder months. But having a healthy immune system remains a crucial need at any time of the year, that’s why a lot of people search for immunity blend essential oil recipe. A few great-smelling essential oils can enjoyably perk up and build up your immune system.

Best Immunity Blend Essential Oil Recipe

Adding an immunity blend essential oil recipe to your arsenal of germ-fighting tools remains a pleasant way to keep your immune system healthy and to function optionally.

#1 Lemon Oil

Citrus limon or lemon oil has significant healthy qualities, including being:

  • Antibacterial.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Detoxifying.

You can use this lovely- smelling oil by diluting it in water and spraying the mixture in the air and on countertops to uplift your mood and kill germs.

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#2 Cinnamon Bark Oil

The oil of Cinnamomum verum contains qualities that are both antiseptic and antibacterial. While all varieties of cinnamon essential oil tend to work, the most powerful of these cinnamon oils remains Cinnamomum verum. This oil remains considered a “hot” oil and will burn if not diluted before used.

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#3 Tea Tree or Melaleuca Oil

One excellent source of immune-boosting and germ-killing properties remains tea tree oil. You can use tea tree oil to kill germs, treat acne and cold sores, as a decongestant, and as an expectorant. If you haven’t smelled tea tree oil before, it has a grassy herbal smell somewhat like eucalyptus that blends well with other scents.

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#4 Eucalyptus Oil

This oil has been utilized for centuries to treat people with head colds and chest congestion. The powerfully-scented essential oil gets created from steaming the tree’s twigs and leaves. Eucalyptus globulus works well for respiratory distress. Eucalyptus citriodora makes an excellent insect repellent or treatment for a fungal infection. And eucalyptus radiata works the best of all of these for immune system protection and to treat muscle soreness.

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#5 Peppermint Oil

Mentha piperita remains one of the most commonly used flavors for cooking and use as a healing essential oil. This oil treats indigestion, headaches, and boosts your immune system. It also works quite well to reduce sugar cravings.

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#6 Oregano Oil

Origanum vulgare-based essential oils smell like Italian cooking. The potent oil fights microorganisms that cause illnesses, bacteria, and viruses. This powerful oil needs to be used in moderation.

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#7 Clove Oil

Clove oil has been used for generations to deal with tooth infections and pain. The oil of Syzygium aromaticum is very strong and hot, so please start with a drop or two diluted well to prevent burning skin and developing rashes.

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Recipes to Boost Your Immune System

You can experiment with your favorite scents. Also, here are a few combinations that should get you started using essential oils. Add the mixtures directly to your skin, or diffuse them and inhale their aroma.

1. Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil with three to 5 drops of any one of your favorite essential oils mentioned above for an immune system boost. Oregano works well for this purpose.

2. Mix one teaspoon of a carrier oil like sweet almond oil with three drops of eucalyptus and diffuse.

3. Combine one tablespoon of carrier oil with one drop of lemon and peppermint oil.