How To Get Vaseline Out Of Hair

Vaseline has built its brand in the beauty and cosmetic industry for improving moisture in hair and keeping it hydrated. It’s a product that nearly every home and handbag possess. But what happens when you overdo it? Vaseline is water-insoluble, and a little too much of it can leave your hair oily and messy. So, how do you get Vaseline out of your hair?

Tips on How to Get Vaseline Out of Hair

Put paper towels into use

A simple remedy entails running the hair-dryer through your hair in small batches. The hot temperatures emitted by the hair-dryer should melt down the solid traces of Vaseline and allow you to dab with a clean paper towel. The towel absorbs the liquid Vaseline tidily. Replicate this process on other parts of the scalp to remove Vaseline from your hair.

Apply essential oils

Essential oils such as baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil could help you get rid of Vaseline from your hair. Apply about two tablespoons of any essential oil mentioned above into the greasy hair. Be sure to massage the oil deep into the Vaseline-coated hair. If your pantry only holds coconut oil, melt it in the microwave to make it easier for application. Wash the oils and Vaseline off using a clarifying shampoo and hot water as detailed later in this piece.

Invest in a skin-safe grease remover

Your favorite cosmetic shop should have a variety of adhesive removers in stock. These products are created to lift off grease from surfaces and break down the oil in Vaseline. Simply rub about one teaspoon of the grease remover in your greasy hair and wash it off using clean running water.

Use baking soda, cornstarch or cornmeal powder

Dabbing your hair with the paper towels should remove excess Vaseline, but it could leave a few stubborn traces. Here’s where baking soda, cornmeal powder, or cornstarch come in handy. Coat the greasy hair with either product mentioned above. These products are gentle on your hair and readily available in most households. Use a dry towel or tissue paper to lightly pat the powder into your hair, so the affected parts are completely covered. Let the ingredients sit for some time and allow the cornstarch or baking soda to absorb the Vaseline.

Wash it out

At this point, any regular shampoo will remove all the stubborn Vaseline in your hair. However, shampoos labeled deep-cleansing or clarifying are recommended as more effective. These stronger brands are designed to strip off styling and tough hair products from your hair. Also, remember to use warm or hot water when washing the hair. The use of cold water will revert the process and make the Vaseline thicken and clump.

Shampoo and rinse your hair once again after the first round. Continue massaging through the scalp and hair with hot or warm water to remove the Vaseline altogether. Rinse your hair in running water until it turns clear rather than soapy or cloudy. Apply a conditioner to moisturize back your hair and rinse it out with clean running water. Try combing your hair gently to see if Vaseline still sticks to the hair. If you find traces of Vaseline on the comb or hair, repeat the entire process.

There you have it! A step by step guide into the best ways to eliminate excess Vaseline from your hair. As long as you follow the proper steps on how to get Vaseline out of hair, you should declare it Vaseline free in no time.