How To Get Vaseline Out Of Clothes

We can talk all day about the numerous benefits Vaseline has to offer. They range from soothing burns, moisturizing the lips, skin, and hair and even soothing tattoo wounds. Unfortunately, Vaseline stains on clothes and fabric don’t have the same glowing effect. Vaseline is an oil-based product that doesn’t come off clothes through washing. Luckily there are simple methods you could use to getting rid of Vaseline stains from your clothes.

Tips on How to Get Vaseline Out of Clothes

Scrape off excess Vaseline

You are probably looking at excess Vaseline at the surface of your cloth. Spread the garment on a flat surface and use a butter knife or a dull edge to scrape away the excess Vaseline. Do it gently while working from the outside towards the central point to prevent spreading the stain. Also, use an upward and lifting scraping motion to avoid engraving the Vaseline further into the cloth fibers.

Use heat

In the same flattened position, place a tissue (paper towel) over the stain and press the hot iron to absorb the stain. Change the paper towel up to a point where it no longer sucks out the oil stain. Be careful not to subject too much heat that could burn the towel and the clothing.

Rub in some washing soap on the garment

Pour a small amount of washing soap on to the stain and scrub it around with your fingers. Consider sliding your other fingers on the underside of the garment while rubbing it together to ensure that the washing soap penetrates the fabric and covers the entire surface of the Vaseline stain. In place of fingers, you could use a soft-bristled toothbrush to reach all parts of the cloth fibers. This technique, however, is discouraged on thin material such as cotton that can stretch or tear the threads apart.

Rinse the stain with warm or water

Rinse out the soap with hot or warm water while rubbing on the stain. Hot or warm water further melts down the Vaseline, ensuring that you eradicate the stain entirely. If the stain is stubborn, continue rubbing in more washing soap until the stain disappears.

Apply a commercial stain remover

If the Vaseline stain continues to persist probably because it sat over a long period, you might want to pre-treat it with a quality stain remover. Read through the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any discoloration. Any detergent or regular soap may work wonders should accessing a stain remover become hectic. Again, rinse off the stain remover in warm or hot running water.

Consider alcohol or vinegar

After scraping off the excess Vaseline from the garment, dab in alcohol or vinegar onto the stain. Both vinegar and alcohol are de-greasing agents that can help you remove Vaseline stains easily. Use a cotton bud or dry towel to soak in some alcohol or vinegar and gently rub it on the stain. Press the towel or cotton bud onto the cloth to ensure that it soaks in the Vaseline. You might want to test the alcohol on a small part of the fabric to confirm that the task won’t discolor the garment. Let the alcohol sit in and dry for about twenty minutes. Using warm or hot water and regular detergent, wash off the stain and alcohol. Rinse off the soap with hot or warm water. Take into account the type of material used to make your stained garments. You might want to use less harsh detergents and techniques on light fabric. All in all, you have a few tips on how to get Vaseline out of clothes.