How to Care for Mixed Race Hair

Learning how to care for mixed race hair will require patience because no two heads of hair are the same. You’ll need to figure out what works best for your texture of hair. However, there are some principles that apply across the board. In fact, the tips below are tried and true for curly hair.

5 Tips on How to Care for Mixed Race Hair

1. Avoiding Frequent Shampooing

Mixed race hair is unique in that most shampoos will be too harsh to use on a regular basis. Washing your hair with shampoo daily will cause it to dry out quickly because it would destroy the natural oils. While some people can wash their hair daily with many shampoo brands on the market, that’s not the case for mixed race hair. It’s best to skip a couple of days and only use gentle shampoo or co-washing. Co-washing is when conditioner is used instead of shampoo to cleanse the hair. For example, you can co-wash on days when shampoo is not used.

2. Choosing the Right Hair Comb

One of the worse things you can do when caring for mixed race hair is use the wrong type of comb. You need a wide-tooth comb that will not pull the strands of your hair out. Additionally, you should only use the comb when your hair is completely wet. It works best in the shower when you’re able to saturate your hair with water. It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t use a brush because they’re known to destroy curly hair. Unless it’s a brush specifically designed for curly hair, you should avoid using it.

3. Using Conditioner

Conditioner is a game-changer when it comes to caring for mixed race hair. You should use different types, such as deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. It should be applied liberally and most of it should be rinsed out. If you have thick hair, you’ll find it helpful to leave a small amount of conditioner in your hair, even if it’s not designed for that purpose. You’ll actually apply the leave-in conditioner on top later. Preferably, this should all happen while you’re still in the shower because the water and steam makes it easier to comb the conditioner through your strands.

4. Learning the LOC Method

If you don’t already know it, you’ll appreciate learning about the LOC method. LOC stands for “liquid, oil and conditioner.” This means you should first wet your hair with a liquid (water), apply oil and then add the leave-in conditioner. There are different types of oils that work great, such as almond, olive and argon oils.

5. Refreshing Your Hair

Since mixed race hair shouldn’t be washed daily, you need to find a way to keep it moisturized. This can be accomplished by refreshing it. All you need to refresh your hair is a spray bottle that includes filtered water, a small amount of oil and conditioner. By spraying your hair, you’ll keep it from getting dry and brittle. Curly hair thrives when it’s moisturized.

The tips provided can serve as a handy guide for learning how to care for mixed race hair. As previously mentioned, everyone’s hair is different, so you’ll have to refine your process until it’s just right. You can maintain beautiful healthy hair for years to come.