How to Care for Human Hair Wig

A wig is a beautiful way to enhance the facial features so that personal confidence will also be enhanced, but it needs proper care to maintain it. We will talk about how to care for human hair wig so that it will last long.

Proper Accessories for Wigs

It is smart to invest in the right accessories to learn how to care for human hair wig. The proper wig shampoo and conditioner, wig brush, hair spray and other needs should be used for that wig. Any accessories that will work to style and maintain that wig in the best and safest manner are the best choice. A mannequin or a wig stand should also be used when not worn so that it keeps its original shape.

How to Care for Human Hair Wig by Washing, Conditioning and Drying

The advantage to having a wig is that it doesn’t need to be washed every day like your own hair may need washed. It is still important to keep a day-to-day maintenance of the wig to keep its wavy or silky look going as good as new.

Washing Tips

This wig may only need to be washed every one to two months. The frequency also depends on how often it is worn. Mild or cold water should be used. The scalp area should be avoided when applying the shampoo, and the shampoo should be a mild type that is high quality. Use a little drop; do not overdo it. Then proceed to comb the shampoo in from top to bottom doing it one section at a time using gentle strokes. Never rub it in.

Clean the inside cap with just some of the soapy shampoo without scrubbing it. Rinse the wig with lukewarm or cool water and then use a towel to blot the hair gently.

Using Conditioner

Just a small amount of proper wig conditioner should be spread on the hair while wet. Do not apply the conditioner to the base since this may cause hair loss. Leave it in for just 3 to 5 minutes and detangle the hair very gently. A wide-tooth comb or fingers could be used. Then rinse the hair using cool water.

Drying Tips

Never use a blow dryer on that wig. More damage can occur. Just squeeze out the excess water without wringing or rubbing it out. Use a towel to blot out the water even more. The hair should be then left to dry naturally in a space that is not in the sun or somewhere with a high temperature.

The hair should not be combed until it is dry. There are special wide brushes made for human hair wigs. It is also okay to use a metal or steel comb, but never use a plastic one. Do not force the combing if it is tangling. Use a non-oily conditioner that is sprayed on and made for wigs if necessary.

Styling Tips

It is possible to use a flat iron, curling iron, electric rollers and a blow dryer to style the wig. However, the settings should be on low. A curling or flat iron should not be used frequently since it may cause it to become too dry. Never use gel water hairspray or pomade as it could create an oilier wig.

Learn How to Care for Human Hair Wig to Make it Last for Years

By following the directions for a human hair wig, it can last for years. Do not wear the wig to sleep, avoid direct sunlight, use the proper human hair products, and all should be well for the beautiful human hair wig.