How to Care for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an investment, as the normal cost for middle-of-the-road extensions can cost from $200-$600. Some professional glue-ins can cost even $3,000. The most commonly purchased and used hair extensions are typically made of real hair. Taking care of your hair extensions is key to keeping them looking new and help blend within your natural hair. We’re going to discuss how to care for hair extensions, so they’ll last long.

How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

Treat your extensions as if it were your real hair. Washing your extensions thoroughly about twice a week is a good rule of thumb. Brushing your hair extensions prior to washing can help with the detangling process for after you wash it. It is very crucial to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and never use product that contains alcohol. Make sure to rinse the hair extensions in warm water. You can either wash the hair extensions attached to your hair or each extension separately.

How to Dry

Be very careful when drying your hair extensions. It’s important to never rub your extensions, but pat dry instead. It is okay to dry your extensions with a blow dryer, but start at the root and make your way to the top of each extension. Also, do not apply the blow dryer to one spot for very long, as this will overheat the hair in one specific area. This can cause slippage of the extension.

How to Brush

Depending on the style of the extensions you have, the amount of times you should brush differs. It is important to remember to brush gently. It is important to use only soft bristle brushes, as this helps prevent ripping the extension out and possible frizz as well.

How to Style

Just like the hair on your head, applying heat can damage your hair extensions by drying it out excessively. Applying a heat protectant to your hair can help create a shield from the high temperatures of a curling or flat iron, and the same goes for hair extensions. Apply a small amount of heat protectant to your hair extensions before applying any heat, even blow drying. Braiding your extensions or crating a ballerina bun before bed can lead to less tangling and matting as well.

How to Prevent Your Hair Extensions from Shredding

Hair extensions can shed if the weft is not sealed. The hair weft is where the hair strands are sewn onto a piece of cloth. By using a sealant, this prevents the hair from individually coming out of this woven piece. Apply the sealant to the wefts and let dry for 10-15 minutes. Once the sealant has dried, you can start applying your hair extensions.

Learning how to care for hair extensions is vital to keeping them looking like a apart of your actual hair and appearing salon-ready. With going through the important steps of maintaining your hair extensions, like washing, drying, brushing, styling, and preventing shedding, you can learn the best way to make your hair look ready for either a lazy day at home or a night out with the girls. Overall, taking care of your extensions can be a bit time-consuming and can take practice, but an investment like hair extensions are worth the work to make your hair look great!