Hemorrhoid Cream for Skin Tightening

Typically used for a swollen vein in the “backside” region, hemorrhoid cream typically consists of Phenylephrine HCl 0.25 percent.

This medication functions as a vasoconstrictor that will cause these painful blood vessels to constrict.

It can be purchased over the counter, and it is very effective when used properly.

What many people don’t know is, hemorrhoid cream for skin tightening purposes has been used for many years now.

The thought is that this medicated cream has the potential to treat swollen eyes, puffy skin and wrinkles as it removes excess water from the skin.

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The result would be a much smoother and tighter appearance. No clinical studies have been done to determine the effectiveness or safety of this process.

Kim Kardashian uses Hemorrhoid Cream for Wrinkles

Kim Kardashian is known for her killer curves and glowing skin, but the reality star turns to hemorrhoid cream in a pinch.

“Kim uses Preparation H on her face,” says an insider. “She gets … close with her makeup artists.”

According to dermatologists, applying hemorrhoid cream topically won’t do much because it’s meant to be absorbed through your rectum.

But regardless of whether it works or not… Kim loves it!

“Even though Preparation H is meant for hemorrhoids, many women use it as an anti-wrinkle cream,” adds the source. “It’s made from hydrocortisone and numbing agents that help reduce swelling.”

Although some dermatologists caution that too much hydrocortisone can thin the skin, Kim swears it’s her miracle product for helping with wrinkles .

“She tells everyone she’s a big fan,” says the source.

The 31-year-old recently revealed that she uses $90 an ounce Lancome Paris Eye Cream to fight the signs of aging around her eyes.

Hemorrhoid Cream Can be Used for Wrinkles and Skin Tightening (The Science)

Hemorrhoid cream can be used for wrinkles and skin tightening (Medical Xpress)—A new study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology shows that hemorrhoid cream can improve fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth.

Researchers at Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea investigated the effects of 0.2% hydrocortisone hemisuccinate ointment or placebo on 20 healthy female subjects’ periorbital wrinkles. The subjects applied test material on one half of their face twice daily for four weeks, while applying vehicle to the other side. Wrinkle grade was assessed by three investigators before treatment started and at 2-4 week intervals up to six weeks after treatment commenced. A wrinkle severity grading scale was used to measure the changes in the periorbital wrinkles at baseline and after 2, 4 and 6 weeks of treatment.

In addition to reducing wrinkles, another interesting finding from the study showed that hemorrhoid cream may also enhance skin tightening in a similar way as described in a previous study on a topical steroid for skin rejuvenation. The experiment results showed that there were significant improvements in both fine lines and coarse wrinkles when using hemorrhoid cream on half of the face versus vehicle alone on the other side. In addition, subjects reported erythema (redness) and edema (swelling) at the application site when they applied hemorrhoid cream but no such erythema or edema was seen when using vehicle alone.

“This study suggests that 0.2% hydrocortisone hemisuccinate ointment should be considered as a new therapeutic and cosmetic option for the improvement of periorbital wrinkles,” wrote the authors. “Further investigations on larger patient populations and for longer treatment durations are necessary to better assess its efficacy, safety (e.g., addiction) and optimal usage.”

Allergic Reaction Potential

Before you start slathering hemorrhoid cream all over your face and neck, be sure to complete a spot test. You’ll want to apply a very small amount of the cream to a spot on your body that can be covered up if you have a reaction.

A severe reaction should present itself within 15 minutes. You’ll need to give your body a full 24 hours before you can determine that no issue will take place. A reaction can consist of a rash, skin swelling, blistering, hives or itchy skin.

The Application Process

If you decide to go ahead and use hemorrhoid cream for skin tightening purposes, apply a small amount of the cream to the areas that you want to target. You can use your fingers for the smaller areas. Use a cloth if you need to apply it to a larger area. A thin coat should be applied.

Rinse and Repeat

The cream should not be left on your skin for the day. You should wait 15 minutes and then rinse the area off thoroughly. If you didn’t achieve the results that you were looking for, reapply the product and wait 15 more minutes.

Hemorrhoid cream for Dark Circles Under Eyes

You wake up one morning or maybe it happens when you get older or sick or stressed out etc., etc….you begin looking in the mirror only to see dark circles start to form under your eyes. You immediately panic inside and think to yourself, “Oh man, not again!” Then you start trying desperately to cover it up with make-up which barely works anyway;not to mention the stuff is annoying and gets all over the place when you try putting it on including in your eye (ouch).

So I took on the challenge to search high and low on the internet for anything that can help me get rid of my embarrassing problem once and for all. After trying every under the sun remedy, including some pretty weird stuff, I found something that worked better than anything else out there by far! Hemorrhoid cream!

Now before you think I’m crazy please let me explain myself here. First of all hemorrhoids are just swollen blood vessels in your rear area. Basically when you sit down for extended periods of time blood flow through these vessels slows down which causes them to swell up.

So if hemorrhoids are just swollen blood vessels what does this have to do with dark circles under the eyes? Well for one, both are caused by poor or insufficient blood flow which results in swelling. So since hemorrhoid cream primarily targets swollen blood vessels it should also primarily target this problem under your eyes right? Yes, but there’s more…

You see when you have a lot of pressure on these vessels from being overweight, sitting down for extended periods of time or predisposition to them then they become damaged over time and don’t work well anymore at all leading to even worse circulation. So basically these vessels can no longer handle high pressures so instead high pressures get forced onto other surrounding areas such as the skin cells under your eyes. This is why hemorrhoid cream can work so well because it lowers or prevents high pressures which will in turn prevent dark circles under the eyes.

So now that you understand how it works let’s take a closer look at what hemorrhoids cream can do for your skin and specifically your eyes to make them look years younger instantly!

The following list discusses only a few of the many benefits you’ll receive by using hemorrhoid cream; Hemorrhoid Cream offers…

A natural way to reduce puffiness, bags,and wrinkles under the eyes,on the face and around lips. Easily fades away fine lines and wrinkles within days or weeks without any injections,surgeries or prescriptions (works better than botox). Even helps fade away and heals stretch marks and other scarring on the face. A natural way to tighten sagging skin under the eyes and around the mouth to give you a younger appearance that can be maintained with little or no effort. The same benefits provided by pricey plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts, eye lifts,lip enhancements and butt implants minus all expensive costs and unwanted side effects (botox). Helps decrease puffiness, swelling and inflammation in lymphatic tissue to reduce sinus pressure headaches and nasal congestion in only minutes not days like other over the counter remedies.

Can Preparation H help tighten my loose skin after weight loss?

If you’ve ever been overweight, then you know that losing a significant amount of weight could lead to saggy skin. Your skin stretches as your body swells and it becomes looser once the swelling goes down.

While exercising can help tighten your skin, many people find this method too harsh or time-consuming. Others complain that their loose skin makes them self-conscious whenever they wear form-fitting clothes. In cases like these, applying Preparation H onto the affected areas is a good idea as this product contains ingredients which tightens the pores and firms flabby tissues naturally .

The active ingredient in Preparation H cream is phenylephrine , an alpha-adrenergic agent whose primary purpose is to constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. Its secondary function is to tighten the skin and reduce excess body fluids.

Preparation H Ointment does so much more than help you fight those dreaded stretch marks. This product also helps stop bleeding such as bruises, stings and other minor cuts as well as hemorrhoids . Preparation H cream is a must-have for those who prefer an over-the-counter solution instead of going under the knife.

Compared to other brands, there are no side effects associated with using Preparation H products because it contains only natural ingredients. For instance, if you’re looking forward to use Preparation H Pads , then go ahead and do it – they’re natural and painless !

You should buying Preparation H Suppositories to cleanse your bowels before having a colonoscopy .

Preparation H is not just for pregnant women , but for anyone who wants to have firmer skin. Some of the ingredients in Preparation H are estrogen, which is proven to tighten loose muscles, collagen and elastin, both of which help restore lost elasticity, phenylephrine which helps reduce excess body fluids and finally camphor, an active pain reliever that soothes skin irritations . If you want to tighten your skin after losing weight using Preparation H Cream or any other Preparation H product, then go right ahead. Apply this cream on your stretch marks daily until you see the results you want. Please be advised however that it could take weeks before changes are seen.

In the meantime, you could also try using Preparation H Medicated Wipes . They’re alcohol-free and sanitary wipes that effectively cleanse the body. This product is totally safe to use on rectal areas, so it’s perfect for cleansing your skin after having a bowel movement or showering.

Preparation H Cream might be helpful in restoring the elasticity of your loose skin but don’t expect this product to tone your muscles. There are no known benefits associated with this product so unless you’ll see changes in the color or firmness of your scars, then there’s really no need to continue applying it over already healed wounds .

What to Watch Out For

Aside from an allergic reaction, you may want to be ready for some skin dryness. If you use the product too often for too long, you could experience scaling of the skin.

In general, you should use this method sparingly. If you aren’t careful, you could end up harming the skin more than helping it. Apply a good quality moisturizer after using the product in order to keep your skin healthy.

Make sure that you purchase a reputable brand of hemorrhoid cream if you will be applying the product to large areas of your skin. Use this method once in a while if you are experiencing tired, dull or puffy skin. If you are regularly experiencing skin issues, it might be time to take a whole-body approach to your skin’s health.

Be sure to stop the use of the product if you notice any kind of adverse reaction. If you have allergies of any sort, check the product to make sure it doesn’t contain the allergen you should be avoiding.