Hair Care for Black Men

Of the 7.5 billion humans on Earth today, we generally have certain things in common, hair is one of them. Although it doesn’t always look the same, the fundamental structure of everyone’s hair is patterned after the same blueprint.

Most humans are born with 100,000 hair follicles. From each follicle, up to 20 individual hairs can grow. It is the hairs emanating from these follicles, which may appear drastically different.

In some of us, the hairs may be blonde, while in others red or jet-black. That characteristic is controlled by melanin, a pigment found within the cortex of each strand of hair. Then there is the matter of hair texture. Will the hair be curly or straight?

In the case of black men, the answer usually is curly, and there is a reason for that. If you understand what produces Afro-textured hair, you will have no problem appreciating what hair care for black men requires.

Hair Care for Black Men Tips

Black hair is naturally dry and, therefore, susceptible to breakage. The reason for this dryness is due to the curliness of Afro-textured hair. The curl prevents a natural oil called sebum from flowing from the hair cuticle, where it is produced. Whereas with straight hair, sebum flows along the length of each strand, providing moisture. When dry hair is stretched, as when combing, it is much more likely to break.

Thus hair care for black men necessitates that moisture is added to the hair. There are countless products available to achieve this. However, it is significant to note that petroleum-based products are not the best for Afro-textured hair. That is because they do not penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize it. Instead, they simply cover the hair.

A better choice would be a product whose formula is based on natural oils like olive or coconut oil. Such products will penetrate the dry hair shafts when applied, making the hair’s texture look more lively. More importantly, formerly dry curly hair then becomes manageable. Hair care tools such as brushes and combs will be able to pass through it with much less effort.

Washing of Afro-textured hair every day is absolutely not good for your hair. Too much hair washing causes it to become dry. Limit hair washing to a maximum of two days per week.

Perhaps the most critical item in a black man’s hair care regimen is his choice of shampoo. Always read the label of your shampoo to be sure that it does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

SLS is a detergent compound that is commonly included as an ingredient in some of the most popular brands of shampoo marketed today. SLS is highly effective at cleaning hair. Unfortunately, it also strips away the natural oils produced by the scalp, which are intended to maintain moisture.

Regardless of the time of year, dry curly hair must be kept moisturized. During the summer, wearing hats causes the hair to become dehydrated. In the winter, indoor heating is the culprit.

A countermeasure that can be taken is for you to use a rinse-out conditioner after each shampoo treatment. It is also advisable for any man with Afro-textured hair to apply a daily moisturizer to his head and even his facial hair. This will keep the hair moist and less likely to break.

This useful information regarding hair care for black men can make a big difference in just how healthy your hair looks.