Frankincense for Acne

Frankincense is an ingredient used for skincare that has been spoken of in myths and stories for ages. It is used in ceremonies in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Many people know about Frankincense from the biblical story of the three wise men bearing gifts and the oil was one of the three. It is said that Cleopatra used Frankincense as a part of her daily routine to care for her skin and maintain her famous beauty. Now, using frankincense for acne prone skin is starting to be a popular skin care treatment.

Beauty Benefits of Frankincense

Frankincense is becoming known in the world of skincare today and is being reborn. In biblical times the oil was used in anointing ceremonies. It is believed that this sacred oil is a blend of luxurious spirituality and many have dubbed the oil to be liquid gold. 

The oil is not only ceremonial in its use. This is an essential oil that has a lot of beauty benefits that are quite practical. The properties of Frankincense serve as a great astringent. Astringents are good for tightening pores and drying out oils parts of the face. They also serve as incredible cleansers. The oil serves to tighten the skin by balancing the production of natural oils. Frankincense has the ability to strengthen the skin over the entire body. It can improve the tone of the facial flesh along with making improving the elasticity of the skin. If you need to fight bacteria or you have blemishes you need to get rid of stubborn blemishes, frankincense will help fight both. 

As an anti-inflammatory, Frankincense also has properties that serve to remodel tissue. A lot of brands have added this oil to its ingredients for products such as acne treatment, anti-aging products, and many formulas for hyperpigmentation contain Frankincense.

Frankincense Essential Oils

Essential oils can be purchased over-the-counter. Since Frankincense is an essential oil and is readily available, it used in a lot of skincare do-it-yourself recipes. You want to purchase pure Frankincense oil, it may cost a bit more but you want the power of the purity.

How to Use Frankincense for Acne

If you would like to make an eye oil add two drops of pure Frankincense to two tablespoons of the eye cream that you already use. You can also add the Frankincense to 100% pure plum oil (used as a carrier oil). Massage the cream into the eye areas at night before you go to bed in order to slow the signs of aging. If you don’t like to use plum oil, you can also make the eye cream with coconut oil. 

For quick and easy facial steams, add three drops of the frankincense oil to two drops of carrier oil such as geranium essential oil. Heat a face towel to a temperature that is warm to hot and press it on your face for no more than a minute and then wipe the face clean with a separate face towel.

If you want to use Frankincense to treat acne, you should always add the oil to carrier oil. If you have an extremely stubborn pimple that is painful, rub one drop into the spot at night after cleansing your face. When you wake up it will likely be dried out and astronomically better than it was.

Not only is Frankincense great for your skin but it also is beneficial to use as aromatherapy. The scent is amazingly earthy and spicy. It is known to reduce stress and calm anxiety symptoms as well as promoting a good night of sleep.