Fall Diffuser Blends

The fall season is a time when your home can smell like an orchard with apples and other fresh fruits or warm and cozy with the aromas of cinnamon and pumpkin. One of the easiest ways to enjoy these scents in each room of your home is by using a diffuser with essential oils. Aside from scents that only have one or two notes behind them, there are a few fall diffuser blends that you might want to try so that your home can smell like everything from freshly baked pie to falling leaves.

Best Smelling Fall Diffuser Blends

Pumpkin Pie

If you enjoy the smell of pie baking in your oven but don’t like all of the work that goes into it, then combine a few oils to make a blend that smells just like you gathered ingredients to make a spicy pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. You’ll use a drop or two of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg essential oils, adjusting each one until you get just the scent that you desire for one of your fall diffuser blends.


There’s nothing like the aroma of mulled cider in your home, especially for the holiday season. This is a blend to consider making when it’s cold outside as it can remind you of drinking a hot cup of cider or even hot chocolate while enjoying a slice of apple pie. The oils that you’re going to use in the blend are orange, clove, and cinnamon. If you want to smell more of the spice that is brought out in mulled cider, then add a few more drops of cinnamon.

Apple Pie

Another sweet treat that you might make during the fall season is apple pie. Your home can smell like this decadent dessert the entire season without slicing an apple or baking a crust by combining two drops each of clove, ginger, and cinnamon and one drop of nutmeg. Once you smell the diffuser blend, you can add more of one spice depending on how you want your home to smell.

Fall Wreath

One of the things that you might do during the fall season is to hang a wreath on your door or on one of the walls of your home. Your home can smell like a fall wreath so that it blends with the decorations that you carefully display by combining three drops of peppermint and fir, two drops of rosemary, and one drop of tea tree and eucalyptus. When the oils are heated and begin blending together, you’ll smell notes of the needles of a pine tree as well as those that smell like a candy cane. You can also add a drop of orange for a fresh scent that can bring out the aroma of the fir in the blend.