Eucalyptus Oil for Beard Growth

Eucalpytus oil is a natural addition to any man’s beard care collection and eucalyptus oil for beard growth is one of its hidden talents. The essential oil’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory elements have vital effects on skin and hair. Also, its calming and uplifting aroma is pleasant to carry out the door and on throughout the day.

Common Beard Challenges

  • Sparse hair.
  • Shaving irritation.
  • Razor bumps.
  • Slow or no growth.

Beard hair requires separate care. It may or may not mimic hair anywhere else. A man can have thick, shiny head hair but sparse, dry facial hair and vice versa.

Some men shave daily. Even less frequent shaving can irritate skin or provoke painful, unsightly razor bumps. These challenges can stunt beard growth and may stop it altogether.

How Eucalyptus Oil Helps Beards

Eucalyptus oil derives from the potent leaves of the eucalyptus tree, native to Australia but cultivated throughout the world. Eucalyptol is its primary natural organic compound also found in plants such as tea tree, rosemary and basil. The oil’s medicinal properties and cleansing capabilities make it a palatable ingredient in mouthwashes, toothpastes and common cold remedies.

People can apply the diluted oil directly to the beard and it will flow to skin through brushing or massaging. Men will appreciate its tingling effect as a natural aftershave with a sensational, uplifting aroma. Its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties offer superior skin care to nourish existing beard hair plus stimulate beard growth.

Eucalyptus Oil Uses For Beard Growth

1 Stimulated Hair Follicles

Eucalyptus delivers a strong stimulating signal to hair follicles to kickstart the growth process. Hair strands originate beneath the skin, to explain why topical treatments often fail to generate hair growth. Eucalyptus oil is an organic compound, so far more capable of blending deeper into skin than over-the-counter or prescribed medications.

2. Deep Cleaning and Exfoliation

Beard hair follicles may just need a good powerwash for revived growth. The inadvertent side effect of good beard maintenance is product buildup. Any residue shampoo does not remove builds up to clog pores and block follicles. If men turn to more products to regrow hair or if razor bumps block pores, hair loss and slow growth are inevitable.

Eucalyptus oil is cleansing and antiseptic. Regular application gently dissolves invisible dirt, oil and sebum built up over time. This deep exfoliation prevents blocked pores and reopens follicles.

3. Skin Healing and Moisturizing

Healthy facial hair begins with healthy skin underneath. Regular shaving can create slight nicks and cuts with scar tissue barely perceptible to the naked eye. This scar tissue will interfere when men desire to grow their beards back.

Eucalyptus oil’s natural antiseptics treat imperceptible scars. Slight scars can leave dry patches and scar tissue that will hold otherwise full beards back. Smooth, moisturized skin is the proper canvas eucalyptus oil for beard growth creates.

Eucalyptus oil can be toxic if ingested, so protect the lips during applications. Wash off any oil the skin and beard do not absorb after an hour. Discontinue use or dilute pure oil and products if irritation arises. Keep the oil and maintenance routine regularly for the beard to respond with growth in due time.