Essential Oils for Ulcerative Colitis

The practice of aromatherapy has quickly gained popularity over the last decade, and many more people are turning to essential oils for treating physical ailments and pain.

There are essential oils for ulcerative colitis that specifically help with gastrointestinal symptoms.

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel condition that can cause nasty ulcers and a lot of inflammation in your digestive tract for a long time. It usually affects the lining of the large intestine, colon and rectum.

This condition can be very painful and difficult to deal with.

Some of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis include abdominal pain and discomfort, blood in the stool, fever, weight loss, recurrent diarrhea, fatigue, indigestion, and reduced appetite.

Luckily there are several specific essential oils out there that are said to reduce and even get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms of ulcerative colitis.


This essential oil can be used to improve overall digestive health. It relaxes muscles along the digestive tract and aids in the production of digestive enzymes that keep your digestive system healthy.

Frankincense is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties.


Lavender is a kind of “cure-all” in the world of essential oils. It helps with relaxation, insomnia, anxiety, and a variety of other symptoms.

The pain associated with ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep or to relax at all during the day.

Using lavender oil can relax your muscles and your mind, allowing you to rest and recover from your symptoms.


Using peppermint essential oil when suffering from ulcerative colitis symptoms can ease gas and bloating.

It also has “anti-spasmodic” properties that can soothe the muscles of the digestive tract and decrease pain caused by inflammation or trapped gas.


Scientific studies have been done on patchouli oil and its affects on inflammatory bowel symptoms.

It was found that subjects given the patchouli oil had better digestive tract repairing capabilities than those given an anti-inflammatory alone.

Patchouli oil has been used for centuries by Eastern countries to treat gastrointestinal ailments.


Basil oil is said to treat a variety of different gastrointestinal symptoms, including nausea, indigestion, cramps, stomach spasms, inflammation and infections.

It has pain relieving and anti-spasmodic properties while also providing a calming, relaxing affect both physically and mentally.

How to Use Essential Oils to Treat Ulcerative Colitis

There are many different ways to use essential oils for medicinal purposes.

You can rub 1-3 drops of oil on your wet skin after a shower, do a chest rub or a hot compress infused with oil, use a diffuser, massage oils into your skin using a carrier oil, and inhalation.

Be sure to do your research and consult a doctor before using essential oils for medical treatment to be sure you are using them correctly.

With the rise in popularity of aromatherapy, many people are finding success in treating their ulcerative colitis and other ailments with essential oils.

Frankincense, lavender, peppermint, patchouli and basil oils can all be used to ease pain and other symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

If you have yet to find relief of your symptoms, try essential oil therapy! It has worked for many people, and it might be what works for you.