Essential Oils for Travel

What are the good essential oils for travel?

Travels for vacation, work and family blend exciting anticipation with stressful disruptions and issues to manage.

People can spend small fortunes on emergency solutions in airport, bus depot and train station shops. Think ahead with essential oils.

The most common essential oils for travel come at a fraction of the costs of over the counter medications, products and lost time.

5 Must-Have Essential Oils for Any Trip

#1 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one of the most important essential oils for travel.

The oil of eucalyptus leaves makes an invigorating vapor to keep energies high and senses alert during drives, waits and delays.

Eucalyptus oil is also an effective disinfectant.

Wiping surfaces with eucalyptus oil sprays and mists brings more security that hotel rooms are clean.

#2 Peppermint

Peppermint oil smells heavenly. It tastes great as a natural mouthwash, breath freshener and flavor additive.

It can tackle the nausea, upset stomach and digestive issues no one wants to endure on planes and car trips.

Look for terms such as “Safe to Ingest” and “Edible” on pure essential peppermint oil drops.

Keep peppermint leaves to drop into water bottles and teas.

The essential oil seeps from the leaves to turn average beverages into natural remedies for common stomach issues.

#3 Tangerine

If a trip is for work or a somber occasion, pack citrus scents to inspire joy and happiness when the going gets tough.

Tangerine essential oil is one of the most delightful.

Its growing popularity might be due to its softness in comparison to grapefruit and lemon aromatherapy scents.

Dabs of tangerine oil on pulse points promote a sense of youthful vitality, which boosts the immune system to stay strong and protective against all the germs people encounter during travel.

#4 Lavender

There’s no place like home.

Even when hosts and hotels roll out red carpets, travelers struggle to accustom to new surroundings and feel slightly anxious without usual comforts.

Lavender quells these anxieties and puts everyone, even babies, in sleepy moods.

Soak scent sticks (wooden coffee stirrers will do) into lavender oil to build a restful atmosphere.

#5 Neroli

Imagine the lessened chaos if airports smelled like spas, where neroli is often the reason treatment rooms smell so luxurious.

The floral, bitter orange tree aroma is unisex.

During travel, neroli essential oil can replace traditional colognes and perfumes which may be too strong for nearby passengers.

How to Use Essential Oils for Travel?

Pure oils are powerful in very low quantities. Everyone must follow basic guidelines to use essential oils for travel safely.

  • Test oils before travel. Avoid allergic reactions and unexpected illnesses. Never use essential oils for the first time during a trip. Perform patch tests several days before.

  • Dilute wisely. Absolutely pure essential oils have such strong aromas and vapors they can cause nausea or headaches. Dilution in carrier oils and distilled water cuts those effects plus stretches the oil.

  • Be respectful of other travelers and people. Once oils are properly diluted, their toxic potential lessens. Still, do not spray essential oil mists in cars with closed windows or seats near to other passengers.

  • Multipurpose whenever possible. Most oils have multiple benefits. Eucalyptus oil sparks relaxation plus serves as a disinfectant.

  • Respect airline standards and use safe containers. Glass is best to store essential oils but hard to travel with. If travelling by car or train, insulate glass storage as much as possible to avoid messy breaks. Miniature glass and small travel-size plastics are the only options for airport travel.