Essential Oils for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are little tears in the top layer of the skin. They are formed when people gain a lot of weight very quickly. Pregnancy can cause rapid weight gain, and therefore, pregnancy is a leading cause of stretch marks.

There are many essential oils for stretch marks that can help improve their appearance. While you may not have heard of some of these oils, they all serve an important function in either moisturizing stretch marks or quickening the collagen production within the skin.

Best Essential Oils for Stretch Marks

#1 Lavender Oil

Lavender oil can help heal stretch marks by having the potential to boost collagen production within the skin cells. Because it can boost collagen production, it can help heal wounds and previous scarring.

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#2 Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil can help minimize stretch marks by allowing your skin to produce more keratin. Keratin also helps boost collagen production, and that is needed in order to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

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#3 Argan Oil

Argan oil can theoretically help the appearance of stretch marks because it is believed it helps promote skin’s elasticity. Argan oil may also help prevent stretch marks if you don’t already have them.

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#4 Neroli Oil

Neroli oil can help increase skin cell turnover. Therefore, neroli oil can help with skin elasticity and the improvement of existing stretch marks. Patchouli oil also tends to increase the production of collagen. In theory, this could lead to the improvement of stretch marks when it is applied topically.

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#5 Geranium Oil

Geranium oil is another good option. This oil helps improve the elastin fibers within the skin’s surface and can improve collagen levels.

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#6 Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum oil helps make skin cells regenerate quicker, which can lead to faster healing of the skin. Any product that helps tissue regenerate can lead to an improvement in stretch marks.

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#7 Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil contains numerous fatty acids and can improve skin’s elasticity to help heal stretch marks.

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#8 Bitter Almond Oil

Bitter almond oil can increase oxygen levels to the skin and helps transfer nutrients to the skin quickly. It has been known to be a very anti-inflammatory oil as well. It can be quite effective in helping to minimize stretch marks.

#9 Sage Oil

Sage oil can be another oil used to heal such marks. Because it increases skin’s blood flow, scarring can potentially heal more quickly when it is applied.

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#10 Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil can also assist in healing stretch marks by increasing cell turnover rate. Thus, this oil also boosts skin elasticity.

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#11 Castor Oil

Castor oil is another great oil to help minimize stretch marks. It increases the fatty acid levels in the skin and helps keep the skin adequately moisturized. However, it has been said that castor oil can bring on labor in pregnant women. Therefore, it is important not to take the risk of using this oil while you are pregnant.

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As you can see, there are many essential oils for stretch marks available. It is amazing how wonderfully some oils can work to help improve such marks.