Essential Oils for Poison Oak

What are the best essential oils for poison oak?

Although it isn’t really poisonous, the poison oak plant does release a chemical that can cause a variety of reactions, such as blistering, itching and inflamed skin.

This can occur when you touch any portion of the plant.

Sometimes an allergic reaction to poison oak can cause blisters that start to ooze after a while.

It can usually be treated topically and there are essential oils for poison oak that do a great job of treating the condition.

If you’re interested in essential oils that work great for treating poison oak, check out the five essential oils for poison oak below.

#1 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus essential oil provides a great solution for dry skin that needs to be hydrated. Eucalyptus is often used in different products when relief is needed for itchiness and the same applies to using it in oil form.

This is a solution that works well at each stage of a poison oak rash, but it’s especially effective when the condition starts to dry up and becomes irritated.

#2 Lavender

Lavender is one of the essential oils for poison oak that’s often sought after because it’s a herb that’s soothing while also boasting remarkable medicinal properties.

Lavender has effective anti-inflammatory properties that work deeply at a cellular level to heal the body.

Lavender is also effective at eliminating pain, such as the pain caused by a poison oak rash.

You may already be familiar with the use of lavender as an essential oil because it’s a versatile oil that helps with other conditions, such as insomnia, fungal infections, cramps, eczema and nausea.

#3 Marigold

Marigold essential oil, which is also known as calendula essential oil is great for soothing skin that’s irritated.

In fact, it has been used for hundreds of years for many symptoms caused by dermatitis.

Marigold essential oil can help with swollen, dry, red and itchy skin that’s painful.

Poison oak can be extremely uncomfortable and marigold essential oil is great for alleviating that discomfort.

Marigold is also commonly used to help with reducing eczema, healing wounds and relieving diaper rashes.

#4 Chamomile

Chamomile essential oil is similar to marigold essential oil in that it’s also great for soothing the skin.

In fact, chamomile is so soothing that it’s often used in tea to help people relax.

It’s the same properties that help to heal the symptoms of poison oak, particularly the irritation that it causes.

The results of using chamomile topically can sometimes be seen in just a few treatments.

Chamomile essential oil is also great for relaxing your muscles, which makes it a good solution for menstrual cramps.

#5 Juniper Berry

Juniper berry essential oil is another natural treatment option that’s effective in treating poison oak because of its soothing properties.

If you are experiencing itchy and dry skin, juniper berry essential oil might be the best option because it’s great at soothing itchiness.

A unique benefit of the juniper berry is that it has medicinal properties that can serve as an effective antiseptic.

In addition to being used to treat poison oak, juniper berry is great at helping to heal acne.

If you want to use essential oils, there are a wide variety of options.

It’s simply a matter of choosing the one that works best for your skin.

If you come into contact with poison oak, you’ll need to treat it right away to minimize the severity of the rash.

In addition to using one of these essential oils for poison oak, it’s also recommended that you wash all of your clothing and avoid scratching the infected area.