Essential Oils for Pink Eye

Another round of pink eye just hit. Your eyes itch and burn. You can hardly think straight, let alone read or watch television in comfort. You’ll probably have to call in sick to work because you don’t want to spread the infection.

Pink eye is the common term for what’s medically known as conjunctivitis. Quite simply, it’s inflammation of the membranes that cover your eyes.

Pink eye can be caused by bacteria or viruses and is known to be extremely infectious. This is especially true among children and young adults. It can also be contracted from certain pollutants, allergies or chronic fatigue.

It’s typically a minor infection that goes away without the need for professional treatment. But when you’re suffering from it, you want relief as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at some essential oils for pink eye that can get you some immediate relief.

Use essential oils for pink eye infection

#1 Lavender Oil

Lavender reduces redness and swelling of the inflamed tissue in the eye. It repels bacteria and viruses known to cause pink eye. It also helps reduce discomfort and acts as an analgesic. In addition, it’s a wonderful sleep aid.

To use, add a single drop of lavender oil to 10 ml of your choice in carrier oils. Then add 3 ml of witch hazel. Blend them well while adding around 30 ml of distilled water into a spray bottle. Always use glass bottles when dealing with essential oils. Spray the dilution on bed linens 15 minutes before heading to bed.

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#2 Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree has been used for many generations to kill microbes and repel harmful viruses. It has potent monoterpene qualities that bring a wide array of benefits.

It is known to stimulate the immune system, which gives your body an extra boost when you’re fighting pink eye.

To use, mix four drops of your tea tree essential oil into a carrier oil. Then massage the front of your neck with it. The oil will easily absorb into the body and will circulate toward your eye tissues.

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#3 Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum oil also boosts the immune system by stimulating it while working to calm you. It’s known to greatly reduce redness, pain and swelling that often come with the inflamed tissues of pink eye.

The benefits of this oil are due to the pinene it contains. Helichrysum also has a robust terpene compound that stimulates respiratory functions and uplifts the spirits.

The fragrance of this oil is definitely one of a kind.

To use, put a single drop of the oil directly on to a clean cloth. Keep the cloth nearby and put it over your nose and mouth, inhaling frequently. You can also put a few drops into a diffuser and enjoy an aromatherapy session.

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The Best Essential Oils for Pink Eye

The next time you or a member of your family contracts the dreaded pink eye, bring out any (or all) of these essential oils for pink eye. They’ll help alleviate the symptoms and clear the infection up faster than you can say, “back to work!”